My Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

For those of you who don’t know, this is my first time reading Harry Potter.  I haven’t watched the movies either (I’ve caught pieces of one or more of them but don’t know the storyline).  
So I read the first two this month (January) and finally got the third read as well.  I said after I read book two that I think I would like them more with each one, as Harry grows up.  At least with the first 3 books.  And that definitely still holds true.  This one had a great story line with a fantastic ending!  
I guessed a few things early about the ‘evil’ dude, but really had no clue how things would go down.  I had my eyes glued to the pages of this one in the last quarter or so with no breaks.  Seriously, intense stuff my friends! 
I give this one my highest rating yet, the full 5/5 stars!  
I read the first three for the Potter-Thon in January, hosted by Lori at Pure Imagination.  My goal was three for this month.  For the remainder of the books my goal is to read one a month.  But if I have an urge to read more then that then I’ll be okay with that too 😉  I kind of want to spread it out a little.  You can only read Harry Potter for the first time, once.  I’m going to fully enjoy and cherish the experience!
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  1. You should definitely savour your first HP reading experience while you can! Mine lasted almost a decade with all the wait between books. Plenty of time to get involved in the fandom and discuss theories of what we thought was going to happen in the later books. Fun!

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