The Dark Days of Supernatural Author Questions and Swag Giveaway!

As  many of you know, I will be attending The Dark Days Tour stop in Redmond Washington on January 15th. where I will see Kimberly Derting, Cynthia Hand and Ellen Schreiber.
There will be a Q&A and I will also be getting the opportunity to ask a few questions of the authors before or after the signing (if all goes well).
I thought it would be great to get your input on some questions to ask.
I plan to video tape the Q&A as well as my personal interview with the authors.  It’s hard to know how the signing will go, but that is the plan.

So do you have some questions you would love to have answered by Kimberly, Cynthia and Ellen?
General questions they can all answer would be great, but if you have more personal, individual questions then I would be happy to ask one or two of them.

I will pick a few of the questions you post in the comments.  When I ask them the questions I will say your name so please let me know what name you would like used.  If I pick your questions to ask I will also send you swag.  I have no idea what they will be handing out at the signing but I’ve been told there will be some.  So please leave an email address for contacting you.

This is open Internationally and ends January 14th, the day before the signing.

*UPDATE: Questions have been picked but I’ll announce the winners on Monday of the swag*

Thanks for subscribing!


  1. Hey Candace! Thanks, this is awesome. I’m always interested in what authors have to say. Two question suggestions: Did you begin writing with the intention of writing a series? What are some obsticals you have encountered concerning writing a series and how have you overcome/approached them?

    Thanks again! Hope these help.
    Britney Wyatt


  2. Fantastic! Do you have to do any type of research for your novel(s)? Do you like movie adaptations? Would you want your novel to turn into a movie?

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  3. Lucky girl! I have a question or two….Kimberly Derting,Do you ever find yourself-attached? to your characters? Find yourself at a cross road when pain,illness or death have to occur in your writings?
    I would LOVE it if you chose my questions…what a gas….!
    Aurora is my name

    Please pass on—–Love those book covers ♥

  4. My question is related to the covers I often pick up books because I love the cover so much. I was just wanting to know how much input the author has in the cover of the book.


  5. To the authors:

    When you start writing a book, do you have all the chracter names and plot all set out before, or do you just decide things as they come?



  6. thanks for the giveaway!
    ipm andii*, just that 😉
    this is my question to them:
    Do you have some advises for people that is writting, or planing to write a book??
    It would be awesome to know some tips about that, it’s interesting.

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