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It’s been awhile since I showed you my bookshelves and I have gotten many more since then!  I’ve finally got it so my books aren’t all double stacked and you can actually see what is on the shelf!
This is my most rotated shelf.  Meaning the books on it are constantly changing.  The books on the very top are review books to be read yet and the books I get through the week.  Once I do my IMM then they go to whichever shelves they belong on.  I also keep my swag up there so I can easily throw in a bookmark, sticker or whatever I wish when I send out packages.  The three shelves are all books to be read.  I have other books to be read as well, but they don’t all fit here so I usually just keep the first one or two of a series here.  Or whichever ones I need to read next.  
This bookshelf is young adult books I’ve read.  And the bottom is my giveaway books.  I also have three photo albums but I think I’ll be moving them to the new bookshelf with the kids books.
This is our newest bookshelf and it ended up being used for all my daughters puzzles, games and books.  I do have middle grade books in the middle cube and there are many more that will be added.  Most of them are still upstairs so once they get hauled down we can organize this bookshelf better. 
This is more of my young adult books.  I pretty much filled up the space I could reach through the bars.  I did put a few others in the corner that are for my brother next time he comes to visit.
This is my mostly non fiction bookcase.  It needs some organizing but my husband still has to put three more shelves on it so I haven’t messed with it much.  I did start adding some historical fiction or books I loan out a lot on it. 
This is my other brand new bookshelf and is up in my room.  It has space for two more next to it too.  I use it for all my mass market paperbacks.  Mostly anyway.  It’s mainly paranormal, urban fantasy and a few fantasy.  I keep The Mists of Avalon on top and my box with some swag.
This is in one corner of my room and holds a few more series and swag for decoration.  You can see one shelf has steampunk books and has my steampunk goggles on it too.
This shelf is in the opposite corner.  It holds some of my favorites.  Jacqueline Carey, Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison and Karen Marie Moning.  Most of my Sookie books are loaned out so when they come back I’ll have to find a new home for them as they won’t all fit. 
Then the top of my entertainment center in my room is covered in books (there are more inside too!) and then I have a shelf that goes around one end of my room.  This is just a little bit of it, maybe a quarter?  And it’s pretty full of books.  Plenty of room for more but they are impossible to get down so I want to find them all a better home.
That is most of my books.  I have a few random short shelves with more, and my daughter has a bunch more children and middle grade books in her disaster of a room.
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  1. Holy Cow, I thought I had a lot of books and bookshelves!! I love the books by the staircase and that the Mists of Avalon practically has its own shelf– that’s a book well-deserving of the honor. :)

  2. Yowsa! I love all the different shelves you have and that one around the top of the room…great use of space. I SO need more bookcases…just like every other avid reader. (LOL) Happy reading and thanks for sharing!

  3. Your books put min to shame! :) I only have the one big self and my corner shelf, but I have books on the chest in our living room and the entertainment center…its still nothing compared to what you have though!! Most of mine are in drawers or under the bed :(

  4. ohh you are so lucky to have so many shelves! I especially like the ones at the top of the walls. You know, I just got a new bookshelf about a month ago, and I need to update my shelf pictures. Thank you for inspiring me!

  5. Wow, you have a great collection. A lot of the books you have I either have read or want to read.

    In picture 2, there are three folders between Nevermore and Shopaholic, could you tell me the name of them or the brand name and ISBN-Nr. if they have?

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