Steampunkery- the final thoughts…

Steampunkery is now over and I am going back to the world of the normal.  Okay, so maybe not so normal, exactly, but back to not Steampunk everything.  I really had a blast and learned a lot about Steampunk.  I also read a lot of books that I would have otherwise put off and some of them are now on my favorites list!  Actually there were quite a few I REALLY loved!  So Steampunk is staying on my favorite genre’s list and I’ll continue to have Steampunk features here and there I’m sure.

I hope you all enjoyed it as well and had a blast.  I picked some winners and I have more winners to pick tonight so I’ll have a winner’s post up soon.  It’s been crazy busy over here so it’s hard to keep up with myself!  I have an enormous giveaway coming up that I still need to get ready because my blogiversary is coming!

Okay, so I need to give a big shout out to tons of people!  First of all Mad Scientist was awesome in getting some posts for me.  The Friday Fashions, Knicker (Teaser) Tuesdays, the movie post, and much much more!  So be sure to check out her awesome blog.

I also want to thank all the people who sponsored the giveaways, providing books and items for some of you to enjoy!  There really are too many to really start naming them all off, but if you’ve kept up with all the Steampunkery that was going on here then you know already!   But I’m very lucky, and thankful to have such an amazing community of bookies to work and spend virtual time with. 

Now, there are a few giveaways still going on, just look up and they are all listed at the top of my blog.

So thanks again all of you for stopping by through November.  I hope you all learned stuff and had a blast!  Hopefully your TBR hasn’t grown too much.  Okay, not true.  I hope it grew by leaps and bounds!

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