And where I present the new blogger of the week… Meghan!

Today I’m starting a new feature.  I’m not sure it’ll be every week, but maybe every other week or so.  And it’s where I’ll do a brief interview with a new blogger.  Someone who has been blogging actively for 5 months or less and has less then 100 followers (when I conduct the interview at least).  It’s a way to get them some exposure and to find out what challenges a new blogger may face.  At the end of each interview I’ll post a new blogger tip.  If your a new blogger who fits the criteria and would like to be featured please email me at candace_redinger(at)yahoo(dot)com.  
Today I’m introducing Meghan from MidnightFume.

Tell us about yourself.

Hiya, my nickname is Meghan and I’m a nineteen year old New Yorker who finds joy in all things books! Like many book bloggers, reading is my most prevailing hobby. I also love writing, sports, cleaning, knitting, and a lot of ART! 
Even thou I was born and raised in NY, I’m also a Palestinian. I visit Jerusalem every summer with the family but hope to one day see it in the Winter.
I have seven brothers and sisters, a hard working father and a loving mother.It’s great but sometimes the house can literally turn into a big apple circus! It’s hectic but I’ve gotten use to doing what I love with all the commotion. That commotion actually being my kid brother and baby sister constant bickering about nothing, like why the other got more maple syrup on his/her oatmeal.

Oh man!  I completely understand about the commotion!  I’m the oldest of 5 kids, and I have 2 kids of my own right now.  Lots of commotion and fighting here!

Tell us a bit about your blog (name, link, what you review, and how long you’ve been blogging).

Blog name: MidnightFume

Blog URL/Link :

Midnight Fume is a blog I’ve been working on for about two months now. I didn’t start blind and was determined as soon as I found this fun way to share my book reviews to other book lovers of the internet.
My blog not only features book reviews but reading challenges, book news, anxiously waiting, and some music as well. I’ve also been having fun hosting book giveaways, it’s nice to see the excitement that comes out of it.
As for what I read/review, I’m mostly into YA fiction. I also favor in paranormal, fantasy, romance, steampunk too.

What inspired you to start a blog?

Books, art, and blogs. Among a few others, Candace’s Book Blog was the one that inspired me most to start my own. My mom and I love the feature in which she reviews children books. I also love Saturday Situation, it’s helpful for any blogger and convieniet for anyone looking to read some reviews and/or take part in some giveaways. Steampunk was actually a genre I never heard of until I came across Candaces Blog. In general, it’s really nice and to me, Candace’s blog gives a lot of positive energy. I don’t think I’m alone.

Awww, that’s so sweet!  Talk about the highest compliment EVER!

How often do you post? 

As of now, I post on average five to six days a week, sometimes a couple each day.

I think that’s fantastic that you post daily!  But other new blogger’s reading this- remember that it’s YOUR blog and you don’t HAVE to post everyday.  Everyone needs to set their own goals that work for them.

What has been your biggest challenge in blogging?

That fact that a computer can sometimes turn against me to the point where I go crazy 😉
Other than that, I love challenges.

Oh Geez, I feel you on the computer!  I about go insane because something simple turns into a huge ordeal because of an uncooperative computer.

As a new blogger, what has your experience been when working with (or just talking to) other bloggers? 

Most of the time everyone is just having good fun, it’s so exciting to be a part of this community. But sometimes bloggers can be unwelcoming or just mean.
A week ago I kindly notified a blogger of a rather huge factual error on his/her book review to which he/she replied “get out of my blog” …So beware of those unkind!

I luckily haven’t had an experience like that, but I’m curious about what others think- if you see a factual error on a blog do you think it’s worth saying anything?  Personally I’m not sure.  I guess I’d maybe contact them privately if it’s a blogger I’m familiar with.  If not I’d just let it go. 

What sorts of features do you have on your blog?  (like weekly memes, etc)

I feature all the basic “In my Mailbox” and “Anxiously Waiting”, etc. I’m planning of featuring a weekly “Praise the Unknown” which is where I tell about an author (doesn’t have to be new) who isn’t too well known who deserves a praise for his/her book .

I love the idea of the ‘Praise the Unknown’ feature!

Do you have giveaways?  If so you can tell us about your current ones here.

Yes! I’m currently hosting a International Kindness Giveaway that includes three books. One winner will have the chance to receive Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready, Angel Star by Jennifer Murgia and Portal by Imogen Rose.

Remember people- giveaway’s on newer blogs have fewer entries, your chance of winning is higher!  You can find her giveaway here.

Is there anything you want people to know about yourself or about blogging that you’ve been dying to share? 

Well, for anyone who’s just starting on their own blog…hello fellow newbies!

Thanks Megan!  And Good luck!  

My blog tip of the day- When you start a blog don’t get hung up on trying to find a way to get review books.  Most publisher’s want you to be blogging 6 months to a year (usually a year).  Focus more on your content.  Review books you have already and ‘find your voice’.  The more reviews you write the better they get and the more likely you will be contacted for reviewing books.  And starting with the smaller, lesser known authors who contact you is great.  It’s a foot in the door.  Plus those books are just as good as the books that everyone is fawning over that you can find in almost any store you walk into but they don’t have the publishing houses behind them.  They will be much more grateful for your review then any publishing house will.

Thanks for subscribing!


  1. Thanks again(for the billionth time haha) Candace for featuring my blog :) It fun answering these questions. And I suppose next time I’ll contact a blogger of their factual errors privately 😉


  2. Great feature — can’t wait to check out Meghan’s blog. As a new-ish blogger myself, I can appreciate the anxiety about figuring out one’s voice and feel — but it gets easier as time goes on!

    Re: commenting on an erroneous blog post — I don’t know what I would do. Depends on whether I ‘knew’ the blogger well or have had some positive interactions. Although if the tidbit or whatever was particularly wrong, I might not be able to stop myself. It’s a shame when bloggers get nasty tho!

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