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I finally read Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.  And I can’t possibly review it.  I have never experienced anything this crazy, but here’s what ~ I watched the movie way back when it first came out on video.  I remember I liked it okay, but I didn’t remember the details so I thought I’d be okay reading the book.  I WAS WRONG!  As I read the book the movie came back to me.  I was reliving scenes in my head, whether I remember them, or made them up I’m not sure, but it COMPLETELY RUINED my reading experience.  By the middle of the book or so I think the book was different from the movie, I’m pretty sure anyway, and so it got better.  But it was too late.   I couldn’t properly enjoy this book.  I can’t say if I liked it or not.  I think if I had read it before I watched the movie I would have been blown away by the great characterizations, but I would have felt like there sure was a lot of talking.  As it is I found my eyes glazing over at times.  It’s a short book and should have only taken a few hours to read.  It took me two days.  I had a hard time picking the book up.  I didn’t seem to have a desire to read it.  It was a completely different experience for me and for that reason I am not reviewing this book.  I don’t think I could possibly review it properly. 
I am sticking by a former resolution of saying I will not watch a movie until I read the book.  At least if I think it’s a book I’ll enjoy I will not watch the movie.  I still have a hard time with books made into movies even if I have read the book because the movie can never properly convey the story~ but sometimes it’s fun to see on the big screen.  Depends on the book and whether it translates well. 

So my question is~ Have you ever had an experience like this? Do you have a favorite book that you think has been conveyed well on the big screen?  Do you love or hate your favorite books becoming movies?  Please share your thoughts!

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  1. When one book is adapted to a big screen, I’ll choose to read the book first. Because If I watch the movie before reading the book, I will never touch the book. Besides all scenes from the movie has stayed on my mind

    Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Roadl Dahl Books) the movie never fail me.

    I’m always eager to see when my favorite books are adapted into movie.

  2. I love the movie adaptations of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda, too (though I read the books first, a LONG time ago). And then there are books like Inkheart, which is a great read, but a horrible movie. I usually do read the books first, so I don’t have very many experiences with the movie spoiling the book.

  3. I usually say I’m going to read the book first and that makes it so there are MANY movies I won’t watch cause it takes me FOREVER to get to the book!
    I do agree that Roald Dahl books are good for the big screen though. I’d kind of forgot about them. I did read them when I was REALLY young so only remembered bits and pieces of the books and wasn’t comparing to the book the whole time.

  4. I don’t think I’ve had an experience like this because I usually read the book first.

    I’ve been disappointed when great books get made into bad movies (like Howl’s Moving Castle). But I haven’t really had a problem the other way.

  5. I don’t like reading a book after seeing the movie because I always envision the actors as the characters. I can’t get lost in the book and create the world in my own mind. It kind of ruins it for me.

  6. I despise watching adaptations of books I enjoyed. I’ve been disappointed SO many times, that it’s gotten to the point that if I’ve read the book, I just will not go to see the movie, because I know I will hate it.

    But, it has been my experience that I can enjoy both the book and the movie if I watched the movie first. But, I kind of have to make decisions. If a movie is being made of a book I know I want to read, I make a choice- book or movie- because I don’t want the huge spoilers that come from knowing the major plot arcs ahead of time.

    Overall, I get really annoyed when I hear that another book is becoming a movie. And, almost without exception, every movie I’ve ever seen of a book I had previously read and enjoyed, I hated. So, I tend to simply stay away from adaptations.

    They always disappoint me.

  7. I have low expectations of when I hear a book is being turned into a movie. ie Twilight & harry Potter. I know that there is something always left out.

    I love the classic like P & P , because they seem to catpure the essance of the book.

  8. I can’t think of many cases where I have read the book after watching the movie. Maybe Rosemary’s Baby, but the book and movie were so alike that it didn’t ruin anything for me. If I have watched the movie first I usually lose all desire to read the book because there are no surprises left. So I always try to read the book first.

  9. I really want to read Nick & Norah’s so I’ll definitely not watch the movie probably not even after I read it since I heard it’s not very good anyways. I try to read the books before watching the movies and also try to keep them separately going to the theatres with really low expectations and not to compare them too much in my mind. I also try to do a little research about the movie before going to see it to see if they really did keep true to the story or changed a lot of it so I won’t be as disappointed. I did that with Percy Jackson and I’m glad because if I wouldn’t have known anything about how they made the movie and deviated from the book then I would have been pissed, because it was totally different but I still enjoyed it. I hope this rambling made sense. =)

  10. See, I feel the same way. My feelings are for, DEAR JOHN, even twilight saga! Because with dear john it’s a good movie it’s self, But i read the book 1st, and wow.. NOT anything like the book AT ALL. & on twilight they make me so mad, because they make things happen that didnt happen. or leave out the littelest details that make the book so good.. It’s good seeing the people on the screen, yes.. but when they change things, or make them totally different that makes me mad!! I guess that’s why they put at the begining of a movie “BASED on the book ______” lol, because it surely isn’t how the book is or ends etc! Great post!


  11. I ALWAYS watch the movie first–When I do it the other way around, I’m always angry and disappointed at what was left out.

    But because I expect them to leave things out and I know the books can do things that movies can’t, and that movies can only put so much into 2 hours, I let myself enjoy watching the movie by itself.

    Then when I read the book, I feel like I’m getting all the little extras, the good stuff, the little details, MORE.

    I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s what works for me.

  12. I read this book before watching the movie and I enjoyed it a lot! I thought it was funny and the characters were awesome. Then I watched the movie and I was so disappointed by it. The characters were different and the story just didn’t seem that cool to me.
    I usually don’t mind movie adaptations but I always read the book first. I like getting to know the characters and having the story in my head before seeing it on screen.

  13. I agree with you. after watching the twilight movie, it totally ruined the series for me and i hated robert pattinson and kirsted stewart for ruining the books(i’m over it now)

    and now i’m really worried that the mortal instruments movie is going to do the same thing. i love the series and awesome books should stay as books. it’s only the not so good books that should be turned into movies to make it better (like the chronicles of narnia. i love the movies but not the books).

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