Zoë Archer’s Salute to Boots- and a giveaway! *ENDED*

Today I have Zoe Archer visiting with a most excellent guest post! 
Here is her salute to boots!
Quick!  You’ve got ten minutes to pack before leaving on an adventure.  You don’t know where you’re headed, but you do know that it’s going to be dangerous, involving a lot of running from bad guys, narrow escapes from magic, and, oh, yeah, your companion on this adventure will be a roguish fortune-hunter who is as good with his kisses as he as with his gun.  So, what goes in your satchel?  More importantly, what shoes are you going to wear?
The answer is obvious: boots.  Boots are the go-to footwear choice when it comes to adventure.  They’re rugged, durable, protective, and, above all, sexy as hell.  Boots mean that things are about to get interesting, but no matter what happens, you’ll be prepared.
If you pick up any book in my BLADES OF THE ROSE series, something will become readily apparent to any reader: I have a thing for men in tall boots.  Heck, I just love tall boots in general, but put a guy in a pair and…rawr.  The man’s sexiness is increased by a power of ten.  Check out the covers for the Blades books.  What do they all have in common?  The men are all wearing boots.  The Kensington art department understood that the heroes are adventurers, explorers, and that means putting them in the appropriate footwear. 
Shoes aren’t sexy, but boots definitely are.  Imagine a tall, granite-jawed man striding out of the jungle toward you wearing these:
 Comfortable?  Probably.  Sexy?  No.
Now imagine that same man prowling toward you wearing these:
Yes, please.
And it’s not just men who can wear sexy boots.  Women get in on the fun, too.  My closet is full of boots, most of them adorned with buckles and/or laces.  You can’t have adventure (especially of the steampunk variety) without buckles on your boots.  These babies doesn’t live in my closet, but I still dream about them:

That last pair might not be very practical, but consider how powerful you’d feel wearing them, powerful and alluring and dangerous.  I don’t often achieve that feeling, especially as I sit here, writing in my sweatpants and striped chenille socks.  But I picture my heroes and heroines wearing these dashing boots, and I know that they are capable of anything, ready to meet any peril.  That is an invitation I can’t resist.  And I know just what boots to pack.
Giveaway ENDED
When you think adventure, what article or articles of clothing spring to your mind?  Leave a comment, and you’ll be entered to win a copy of REBEL (US and Canada only)! Ends November 30th.
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 Warrior (Blades of the Rose) Scoundrel: Rebel (The Blades of the Rose)
A note from Candace:
Thanks so much for stopping by Zoe!  I really look forward to reading your books, they sound so full of adventure and I LOVE adventure!  They are all on my wishlist!
Now I have to say I LOVE those boots!  I’ve been looking for the perfect pair myself an all of those are good candidates.  I also agree that a man in boots is YUM- MEEEEEE!  Nice tall ones ones are perfect!  Now I’m off to find a pair for my husband :)
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  1. When I think adventure, I think of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones! Yummy! Hat, leather jacket, and that whip of his, delicious. I’d love to go on an adventure with him!

  2. Adventure for me definitely would include boots as well. I love boots!
    Another article of clothing that makes me think adventure is Leather Jacket! I love those as well. :)
    Thanks for this giveaway!


  3. I have to agree Megan and Krystal, I think o Indiana Jones, so I think of that hat that he always wears 😀

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  4. I LOVE those last pair of boots, I just love boots period!
    I have to agree that when I think adventure Indiana Jones comes to mind. Leather jacket & hat. Very yummy!

    folksohana at gmail dot com

  5. I def picture a pair of boots worn and comfy of course. I also tend to picture khakis (lol) and of course a hat. The go to for all adventure type men. :)

    kittykelly28 @ hotmail.com

  6. When I think of adventure I picture scuffed up boots, a vest with a lot of pockets, a hat, leather, and a lot of brown/tan colors.

    nalynboni AT gmail DOT com

  7. I also think of Indiana Jones with his hat, leather jacket, & whip. Love your book covers. The bottom picture of the boots are my favorite.

    Sue B

  8. Zoe sold me on the boots. I also think a dashing hat of some kind is a requirement. As for clothes, something comfortable and easy to move in…you don’t want to try running from angry natives in something that makes it too hard to breathe or impossible to bend your legs. I would also think you’d need some kind of weapon, although it would be dealer’s choice there.


  9. Now I want to go boot shopping…
    When I think of adventure, I think of a trench coat, or a cape. I realize capes aren’t very practical, but it fits the image in my head.


  10. hmmm some some boots, cargo pants, a belt, and a cool hat.

    Love the boot pics – fun post – ty for sharing and the chance to win!

    Pam S
    pams00 @ aol.com

  11. Great Post & Contest Question 😉 When I think of Articals I’d need for an Adventure, I think of my Backpack.. Even my purse is one of those backpack purses. They are the hardest to find in my area being more city & town life but I seem to have luck finding them every few years @ Carsons in the mall, otherwise I have to buy them online. Yes,Indy’s the first real adventurer movie but some other great adventurer movies are: Bradgelina;)Lara Croft Tomb Raider Nicolas Cage National Treasure
    and Brandon Fraiser The Mummy.
    I would love to win this book, I’ve already got the first 2 and 1 more I can start this series. One of my rules, I gotta have 3 to start :) Have a great Turkey Day & Thank you for a chance to win. I’m a GFC & Email Subscriber

  12. I always think of the trench coat the can hide all sorts of things, like the multi purpose sword!

    I also love the fast reload thing for the back (for her guns) from Tomb Raider, have no idea what to call it.


  13. I am loving the boots!! So yes – good shoe wear is a must for an adventure. And for some reason a good hat? Maybe this is because of Indiana Jones? I think a good hat, some kind of weapon holding belt/straps and kick-A boots. Yes. Love it. Thanks for the chance to win! seescootread[at]gmail[dot]com

  14. Comfortable, well-made boots, a hat, and suitable clothing for the climate come to mind, also some place to hide weapons or treasure would be nice.

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