Steampunkery- Interview with Ghostlove, a lovely etsy shop

And we have another post from Mad Scientist with an interview from another lovely etsy shop:
As you may know, it is Steampunkery month.
What would Steampunkery be without creative artists to help drive the genre.
There are many how to tutorials out there.
Or perhaps you rather leave the creativeness to the experts.

D at Ghostlove is one of those experts.  
Her shop hold many scrumptious pieces.  
Ranging from hair accessories, neckalces, to men’s cufflinks.
She has something for everyone.
Not into jewelry?
Why not grab an mechanical keyring to show off?

D has been so kind to give us an interview.  
Even after I, the Mad Scientist,  flubbed up on my response email. 
*sigh*  *shakes head*
I suppose even an evil genius of the steam powered age has malfunctions.
*Note to self*  Make sure to oil your own cogs and gears.

My deepest apologies!

On ward with a most wonderful interview with our Steampunkery Artist of the Week!

1.) I just love the name of your little shop, how did you come by this particular name?

When my fiance and I were younger we were actually very good friends and my nickname for him was Ghost. When we formed the company together years later (as a couple) I decided to name it Ghostlove after him.

2.) What or why did you get into crafting such beautiful pieces? Do you have supportive family and friends that cheer you on?

I have been crafting since I was very young. I have always been the artist in my family, which is definitely something they support.

3.) Steampunkery is a wide genre, how (why) did you find yourself interested in it?

Steampunk was something I came across in fashion back in 2007. I immediately “got it” and wanted to incorporate it into my style. Steampunk jewelry was a no-brainer when I launched my business. It is just getting bigger and bigger!

4.) If you were trapped on a deserted island (because we all want to be) what 3 items would you want to have ship wrecked with you?

My fiance and my 2 cats.

5.) Name a favorite book or author.

My favorite author is probably Douglas Adams who wrote the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” series.

6.) Do you have a motto that you live by?

Not really. But I try to avoid drama and stress where possible and I value my time way more than money.

7.) What are you favorite things to create?

I like making custom pieces for people that incorporate a personal item, like a photograph.

8.) We must know… What is your favorite color?

lime green

9.) Last but not least. What creative outlet do you want to learn? (Provided there is one you do not know how to do.)

I am actually studying metal-smithing and plan to take some classes in the near future. Right now I make costume jewelry only, but I would love to branch out into precious metals and gemstones. I guess we’ll see!

Thank you for stopping by for a chat.  
It is always nice to learn more about our Indie Artist!
Misery Loves Company
 This necklace is just… The Mad Scientist can hardly find the right words. 
But I do love it & the website has been officially sent out to family member as a subtle hint for a much wanted Christmas present.
Oh my!  And Candace is IN LOVE with that necklace!  Gorgeous!

Find Ghostlove at ETSY
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