Little Chimp’s Big Day by Lisa Schroeder- Kids Pick

Little Chimp's Big DayAuthor: Lisa Schroeder
Illustrator: Lisa McCue
Details: Hardcover, 24 pgs.
Published: Sept 7, 2010 by Sterling
isbn: 1402749678 (ISBN13: 9781402749674)
Reading Level: Young Children
Received from: Purchased myself, though I do get many books from Sterling for review this was one I bought.

In the jungle, in a tree, sits a little chimpanzee.  Mother said she’d be right back, But now the branch snaps with a crack!  …And in a SNAP, Little Chimp is off on a big adventure-taking a watery ride atop a hippo, swinging on vines, and munching bunches of bananas. But as he goes bumping, jumping, and racing across the jungle, he never stops wondering: “Where could Mother be?” Little Chimp may not know, but sharp-eyed kids will see that mommy has an eye on him all the time! An enchanting text filled with rhythm and rhyme, and sweetly charming illustrations.

My Thoughts:
This is hands down my favorite children’s book this year and perhaps EVER.  As a parent it seems like kids always pick the books that aren’t fun for the parents to read.  This is one my kids love AND I love!  Lisa Schroeder may be one of my favorite authors for her young adult books, but she is now one of my favorite children’s book authors as well.  And Lisa McCue is the best illustrator!  These pictures are so cute!  
This book is a joy to read as it rhymes so it’s fun and easy because of the lovely flow.  But the kids love it because of all adventuresome things that Little Chimp does.  It’s also an easier one to memorize so they can ‘read’ along with you.

The book has the message that even when your parents let you run and have grand adventures they are always watching over you, even if you don’t know it.  
The illustrations are great because you can see that the whole time Little Chimps mother is hiding but still watching him.   Each page also has a caterpillar for you to find.  So it’s very interactive and the kids love looking for the mother and the caterpillar.  The pictures are also vibrant and colorful.  I wish I could get Lisa McCue to come paint a mural in my playroom!  
We got to go and visit Lisa and she read the book to the kids.  It was great as she pointed out the caterpillar for us and we hadn’t yet noticed it.  And now my daughter can say she got to go to a book signing!  Though it was more of a story time reading, she likes to be able to say that since I go to book signing’s all the time for my authors.  Every time we read the book now she talks about that.   
I highly recommend this book and it’s a great Christmas gift!  I’m thinking of buying one for all of my nieces and nephews.
I give this 5/5 moons for story and illustrations.

You can find Lisa Schroeder at her website | Twitter 
You can find Lisa McCue at her website.
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