Knicker Teaser’s Double feature- Steampunkery

Steampunkery Month is now in full swing and for the month of November I’m featuring Knicker Tuesdays.  But it’s not only me, but Mad Scientist as well!  Read below for the lovely post she drew up and then the double feature teaser’s.

As a Mad Scientist… it is in the job description to light up some beakers with mysterious glowing liquid and create.  Today I am revamping the Tuesday Teaser meme hosted by Lady MizB @ Should Be Reading.  Knicker Teaser is the twisted creation.  I will provide you with Steampunkery Knicker Teasers and Literary Samplings as well.

Today Knicker Teaser is going to be a special delight!  Not only is my creation being presented to you as a Take Over post on Candace’s Book Blog for Steampunkery Month but we are going to tease you twice.  Oh my, that sounds delicious.  A teaser from me & one from Candace as well!

Steampunkery Teaser from a Mad Scientist:

Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
Huey wrapped up his work and tightened the last screw.  He lwaned back and pulled the heavy glass contraption off his forehead.  The straps stuck around his ears and then came loose with a snap.
Page 282

Steampunkery Teaser from Candace:
Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

A rain of tiny black petals began to fall on him.  Looking up he saw that the people were throwing them, tossing out handfuls that fell on the cobbles and made a fragrant dark carpet on the road.  And he saw that the petals had a peculiar quality, that as they touched each other they melted, and that the gutters and streets ran with a sticky, clotted mass that exuded the sweetest of scents.

Pg. 245

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  1. The only remotely steampunky thing I’ve read so far in Clockwork Angel and I loved it, and all of these teasers sound so fantastic. I really need to try out the more hardcore stuff! Great teasers! I especially love the one from Incarceron!

    <a href=”’>My Teaser</a>

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