Steampunkery- Steampunk style! November 1-30

November is Steampunkery at Candace’s Book Blog.
You will find all kinds of fun goodness, Steampunk style!
I’ll have guest posts, book reviews and giveaways.  
On this post I will keep the list of all the Steampunk posts that are going up and will provide the links once they post.  I’m not a Steampunk genius, I just know I enjoy the books I’ve read and the style.  Luckily I have some great, and much more knowledgeable, bloggers, writers, and authors helping me out.
Mad Scientist, from  Steampunkery and Book Reviews is going to be doing some guest posts and helping out, a lot!  She has a brand new blog that has been crazy successful.  I found her on her first week and knew she had something good!  
Although I will be doing a lot of Steampunk posts in November I will have some non Steampunk posts as well.  You will know it’s a Steampunk post by the banner that will be on the top of each one.  It looks like this:
November 1st:
November 9th:
Knicker (Teaser) Tuesday

November 10th:
Guest Post: Steampunk Conventions List
Review: Boneshaker by Cherie Priest

November 11th:
No Steampunk

November 12:
Steampunkery Friday Fashions

November 13-14th:
No Steampunk for the weekend

November 15th:
Zoe Archer’s Guest post and Giveaway of Rebel

November 16th:
Soulless guest Review
Knicker, Teaser Tuesday

November 17th:
Changeless Guest Review

November 19th:
Fashion Friday- Interview with Ghostlove from etsy
Dreadnought Review

November 20-21st:
No Steampunk for the weekend

A bit more I’m working on:

Fridays will be Friday Fashion.  We’ll feature Steampunk fashions, giveaways and even some how-to videos on how to make your own.
(Thanks to Mad Scientist for the Friday Fashion and Knicker Tuesday aka Teaser Tuesday)

As the calendar is made I’ll post on here.  So although I know I have a lot of books for giveaway, and reviews to post, and guest posts as well, I don’t know when I’ll be posting them quite yet.
I am still looking for more reviews, more guest posts, and am always looking for more books for giveaway!
If you want to participate or help in some way please email me at
candace_redinger (at)yahoo(dot)com
And of course, please feel free to grab my gorgeous button made by Lori of Pure Imagination (thank you Lori!)


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