Blog Tour: Elizabeth Kolodziej, author of Vampyre Kisses

Thanks for doing this interview!  It’s always nice getting to know authors a little more.  First of all, what made you decide to write a book?  Is it something you always knew you wanted to do? 
Writing is something that has always been a part of my life. I am actually really bad with speaking, which is why I try to get out of public speaking whenever possible. I even have a little bit of a stutter and problems pronouncing words. But when it comes to expressing myself, I was always able to through my writing. I would write short stories a lot when I was little and my family always liked them. When I was 18/19 years old I just got an idea. To me it was an amazing idea. It came to me and made me excited more than any other idea before, so I knew it was special. For me, I just had to write it. It wasn’t about writing a book, it was about telling a story that needed to be told. 
How did Vampyre Kisses come to you?  Did you know the story in it’s entirety before hand or did it come as you wrote it? 
Oh boy, I have to think about this. Describing my writing mind is not always easy. The way I write is basically like this, and it stands true for how I wrote Vampyre Kisses. I get an idea and I normally have the gist of what the ending will be like. So I know the kind of big things. I write a little bubble map so I have all the ideas down. But I just have the basics, like which I think would be the villain. However, lots of these things change as I write. I think having the basic idea is all I need because my characters fill in the rest and tell me what I do and don’t have right. This would be the reason why I never let anyone read my work until it is done… it changes SO much sometimes. You won’t believe what Vampyre Kisses use to look like. 
How long did it take you to write Vampyre Kisses minus editing and then with editing how long did it take?
It took me around 5 years to finish. It wasn’t something that I had a deadline for so I got to it when I could get to it. Considering I was young when I wrote it, going to college, and working at some points it was hard. It takes a lot of discipline in mind to write a book. Being young it wasn’t my first priority all the time, ya know? The editing part of it took around 6 months to do. I had fantastic editors though.
What’s your advice for someone just starting to write a book?  Is there something you find works particularly well?
No two writers are the same. No matter how similar they look from an outside view. Everyone works differently. All I would say to someone just starting out writing is to write everyday no matter what it is. Even if it does not pertain to your story you should always be writing. It gets the juices flowing. And also, read a book that you wouldn’t normally. I didn’t realize how much this could open up ones imagination until I was in college. You need to get out of your comfort zones sometimes.
What are your plans for the future?  Have more books planned?  Are they in the Vampyre Kisses series or anything not in the series?
I am at the moment working on the second book to the Vampyre Kisses series. The second book will focus more on the werewolves and their history. After that more for the series. I am hoping to get at least five books for this series if not more.
What are a few of your favorite books or authors?
I really love the Hollow Series by Kim Harrison. Christopher Moore as become a fast favorite. A all time favorite from when I was a lot younger was Tamora Pierce. She inspired my original book that I never got a chance to finish. 
What’s your guilty pleasure?
Laying in my bed and watching Futurama with a bowl of ice cream. I love that show.
What are some things you do for fun? 
I like adventure. I like to parasail, I plan to go skydiving, and overall I just like being with my friends. We go out for drinks and just catch up. Also, traveling is a lot of fun. I am kind of glad I live in a state that is so accessible to the major cities like D.C., Baltimore, and New York.
Thanks so much for stopping by! 
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