Banned Book Week Giveaway! *ENDED*

As many of you know September 25- Oct 2nd is banned books week.  I wanted to do a giveaway for it as I think it’s important that we are all free to read what we want to read and I feel that it’s wrong to keep any book from anyone. 
  These books on the banned books list all have some sort of message that so many are against for some reason.  
The book I’m going to give away is Crank by Ellen Hopkins.
  I picked this book because of my own past experiences and I think it’s important for teens to know what repercussions their actions can have.  And I feel it’s important to show them the effects drugs can have on you and everyone in your life for the rest of your life.
I’ve had my own experiences, and if I had had a book like Crank to read as a teen I might have been more aware of the repercussions of my actions. 
A twist to this giveaway is that I want you to
  head over to this weeks Saturday Situation post and scroll down to the linky with posts to Reviews and neglected posts.  
  Pick some reviews to visit, 
visit them,
leave a comment on their post (a quality comment) and say that your visiting from Saturday Situation.  
You can visit as many as you want and each one you visit gets you an entry into the contest.  
You have to fill out the form, but if you come back later and visit more you can leave a comment saying that you already filled out the form but you visited more and leave the number on the linky’s you visited.  (Example: #2 Dragonart)

We’ll be doing giveaways each week for a few weeks (at least) to get the word out there and to encourage people to visit those links.  
Feel free to continue to add your own links, but commenting on your own post doesn’t count. 
You can visit mine and they count. 
You can visit one blog more then once if they’ve posted multiple links. 
Giveaways do not count (I’m aware that sometime people post in the wrong link and I still need to tell Lori so she can remove them since it’s under her account). 
Giveaway open until Friday night, October 1st, when the new Saturday Situation post goes up.
At that time Lori will have a giveaway for the new week.
Open to US only.
Must be 13 or older.

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