Winners of the Show me Your Shelves 400 follower Giveaway!

What a great contest!  I got some amazing pictures of shelves.  I love some of those crazy ones!  And it really gave me inspiration for my living room and my bedroom.  I’m coming up with how I want to decorate (with shelves and books!).
I want this one for the playroom:
This one I’m not even sure where it would go.  It’s perfect for a library wall, I think.
This is one that I think I want to buy a bunch to go across my bedroom wall on my side of the bed.
You can purchase HERE for only $10.50
And this, this is what I want my living room to look like.  Or my bedroom.  I even have the vaulted ceilings.
I better stop now.  I could go all day picking out my favorites.  These are just a few.
So are you wondering who the winners are?  
1st place:
(she picked Wake and The Adoration of Jenna Fox)
2nd place:
Still waiting to hear back.
And 3rd place is:
Still waiting to hear back
The winners were selected by and they have 48 hours to respond. 
Thanks everyone who entered and be sure to enter my other giveaways!  I have two more currently running and they are listed at the top of my blog.
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