Winners for Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

So I got the hundreds of entries added up finally and got some winners picked (through!  
Now we’d asked you to guess where Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer came from and the answer is from Gilmore Girls!  Lori, Angel and I LOVE that show and could talk about it all day!  So when that title was brought up it was perfect cause it fit for all of us.  
So who are the winners?  Well, here on my blog the winners are…..
They’ve been emailed and have 48 hours to respond before I pick new winners.  
Thanks everyone who entered and be sure to enter the Vampire Academy Giveaway I have going on!  More giveaways will be posted soon.
Lori has posted winners on her blog and Angel will soon.  She hasn’t been well so it’ll likely take her a few days to add entries once she’s better.  So don’t give up hope!  You could still be a winner!
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