Richelle Mead signing and Vampire Academy Giveaway!

I’m still coming down from last night’s high, it was such a fantastic evening!  I got to meet Richelle Mead and spend some time with Suzanne Young and Lisa Schroeder.

The night started out great because I had a babysitter!  For the first time I didn’t have to bring ANY kids!  YAY!  I met up with Violet from The Eager Readers as we usually do and I was about an hour and a half early.  They didn’t even have chairs up yet!  We ended up having a line to stand in just to sit down!  It was ticketed instead of going by row but I was in the first batch of people and sat right in the second row!  I was in the middle aisle too, so I could see Richelle straight on with no obstacles at all!  As I was sitting there I saw Lisa Schroeder (author of I Heart You, You Haunt Me, Chasing Brooklyn and others) and Suzanne Young (author of The Naughty List and So Many Boys) come in.  I said a quick hello as they walked by.  I’ve met them both (if you look through signing photos there’s pictures of all of us at Kimberly Derting’s signing) but they are always great to talk to. They must not have found seats and decided to separate.  Suzanne ended up sitting behind me and Lisa in front of me.  So we had almost an hour to talk and so Suzanne filled us in on her works in progress and all that good stuff.
Now I have a funny story,  I was picking up a book for my friend Angel from Reading Angel so I was texting her about that when she sent me a text saying that Suzanne just tweeted that she was at the Richelle Mead signing and I should look for her.  I texted back that I didn’t have to look far, she was right behind me!  And then I snapped a picture to post on twitter.  (I look weird.  Uncertain. But oh well!  It’s a picture of me and Suzanne!)  We also chatted with Lisa about her upcoming childrens book Little Chimp’s Big Day.

Little Chimp's Big Day

I’m very excited about this one because I get to bring my kids to a reading/signing and whatever other fun stuff she has planned for when it’s released in September.  Lisa Schroeder is amazing.  She makes you feel important and she remembers you!  I mean to me she’s like a celebrity, but yet I just feel comfortable with her and we chat like old friends.  And if you haven’t read any of her books, DO IT NOW! 
And if you have kids then be sure to get Little Chimps Big Day because I’m sure it’ll be awesome (it’s released Sept 7).

After lots of fun talking to Violet, Lisa and Suzanne, Richelle arrived.  She read from Spirit Bound because of so many young adults in the audience.  I’m not caught up in the Vampire Academy books but she found a spot that was spoiler free.  It was great listening to her and if you head over to The Eager Readers Violet made a video.  I can’t say if it turned out, but if so she’ll be posting it for you guys.
After the reading Richelle answered questions.  One thing I’ll share with you guys is she has  a new series that’s in the same ‘world’ as Vampire Academy  but with new characters.  And Rose shows up as a background character here and there.  That’s the question Violet asked about when we were getting our books signed.  Lisa asked her what advice does she give to writers in 5 words or less.  Her answer was “Write what you love”.  You can’t force yourself to write something just because it’s popular because it’s just going to be a cheap knockoff and will not be good.  I thought that was great and very very true!
When we were called by ticket number to get our books signed the Powells employee (a very funny character who kept us all entertained) pulled prizes of tshirts, bookmarks, keychains, etc by ticket number.  I didn’t win anything but for arriving early I got a keychain and that was cool.   We got up there and Richelle chatted with us a little and answered Violets question about the new series and we got some pictures!

Richelle is beautiful!  I mean, really I would be intimidated by her just because she’s so pretty, but add on that she’s SO famous and such an awesome writer and I felt like a crazy fangirly-ness come on.  I managed to mostly keep my cool, but wasn’t really able to say much because I knew I would start stuttering like crazy!
I really hate all the pictures of me, but I’m so pumped about having these pictures with these awesome authors that I can actually live with it.  Just don’t look at me too closely.  And remember the camera adds 10 lbs.  (Personally I think more like 20 lbs…).
Suzanne posted more pictures on her blog post (you can see me in the top picture right in front of her) so check it out!  And  check out The Eager Readers for more pictures, video (hopefully!) and a giveaway of Vampire Academy! 
Anyway, I’m awesome and stuff so I too picked up an extra copy of Vampire Academy for you guys!  And it’s signed (obviously!).

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  1. Hey! Thanks so much for the contest! I love Richelle’s series!

    Also I just entered The Eager reader’s contest too!
    My name is Caitlin (ScarrletReader)

    Thanks again!

  2. It looks like sooo much fun! And you do look great in those pictures!! I just read Richelle’s blog post and you can see you in one of the pictures!

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