Read Your Own Books Readathon- Kick off to Finish!

Today is the first day of the Read Your Own Book Readathon hosted by The Bibliophilic Book Blog.  It’s a chance to knock some of those books off that TBR pile you have.  My TBR NOW pile is 60 + books.  I have a few I hope to knock off that pile.  The weekend will be a challenge to read.  Certainly not any hiding out and reading all day.  But hopefully for today I can read a bunch!
I normally don’t read review books for ReadaThons because of the whole needing to write a review immediately thing.  But I have a couple short ones that I would like to get knocked off my list.  One I just got actually.  It’s Greek: Double Date by Marsha Warner(finished).   I also have Radiance by Alyson Noel.  And I have a few I’ve just been wanting to get read.  It’s hard to say what I’ll get read or where my mood will take me so I’ll just list the ones I’m thinking might happen.  Folly by Marthe Jocelyn (finished), and Princess for Hire by Lindsey Leavitt. And I think I’ll stop there.  It’s possible that I’ll end up picking up something different but with 60+ books on my shelf that I want to read NOW (that is not including MANY others that aren’t even on that shelf) it’s hard to say where my fancy will take me.  If your participating in the Readathon, Good luck!  If your not but want to sign up then click the button above!

UPDATE: DAY 2-  Finished Greek, started Folly.  Hoping to get Folly read today so I can read Radiance tomorrow when we’re going to the beach!  So yeah, my weekend of reading isn’t going great but it’s not completely horrible either.  I did have a headache and stomachache on day 1 and it was HOT and it’s only getting HOTTER.  Hence the trip to the beach Sunday.  I may only be able to read the 3 hours we’ll be in the car but Radiance looks pretty short, so shouldn’t be a problem!
UPDATE: DAY 2 Evening- Finished Folly.  Thinking of adding Wildthorn to the list as it would be easier to bring my Kobo to the beach.  I’ll throw Hunger on there as well since I have both to read on my Kobo.
UPDATE: DAY 3- Finish line- Ended up going to the beach on Sunday so next to NO reading done.  I started Wildthorn and got to page 30.  My goal was to at least read one book a day and I was sad to not be able to do that on Sunday.  But otherwise I’m okay with what I read because I know the weekend is hard for me.
Greek: Double Date (Harlequin Teen)RadianceFolly Princess for HireWildthornHunger

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