The Blog Hop (17) and Friday Follow (6)!

Book Blogger HopThe Blog Hop is hosted by Crazy-For-Books and the Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee’s View and they are where we get to have one big blog party!  We get to meet new bloggers, find new blogs, and have FUN FUN FUN! 
Each week Jenn asks a question.  This week it is:

How many blogs do you follow?
Well, I’m pretty shocked at the number. It’s 545!

I know that I don’t do as well as I should on visiting blogs, but I try to check out as many as I can everyday.  Posting on twitter helps cause I find myself linking to reviews more that way then when I look at my overwhelming google reader. 

Now the blog hop is to find new blogs.  It’s NOT all about getting as many followers as you can get (at least not to me!).  It’s not nice to sign up and go to as many blogs as possible, follow them, leave a comment with the link to your blog and not even look to see what the blog is about.  My opinion is that you visit a blog.  You look around.  You find out if they like the same kinds of books and you follow them if you’ll be interested in their reviews.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love having followers, YES, I do.  But I don’t want a bunch of people that never look at my blog again and are only following me to get more followers themselves.  So if you follow me and I check out your blog, I’ll only follow you if you have content that interests me.  NOT because you follow me.
So to make things easy I’ll tell you about me.  I read a lot of YA.  I also read paranormal, urban fantasy and historical fiction.  And I’m going to start doing my Wednesday feature of a children’s book (review books are on the way!) again.  I don’t care for mystery if it doesn’t have paranormal or urban fantasy aspect (generally).  I don’t read a lot of chic lit (just a teeny bit) and I don’t review any non fiction at this time. 
I DO do a lot of contests and you can find them at the top of my page.
That stuff interest you?  Then follow me!  If not and you want to follow me anyway, go for it!  But it doesn’t mean I’ll follow you back!
Thanks for stopping by though and I hope you’ll let me know you were here!

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  1. I like what you said about followers. I want to connect with other bloggers, not just follow and never talk to them again. I am going to follow you because we have the same taste in books :) I am off to look around some more.

    Danielle @

  2. HeHe, you tell them, Candace! 😀 Nah, I don’t think you were too mean … I tried to go the nice route and have already had three spammers, I’m starting to think it’s not possible to be TOO mean 😛 … I’m also starting to realize that our opinions are probably not worth the time we spend typing them, since you probably don’t have very much time to read ANYONE’S post all the way to the bottom, when you’ve got 300 blogs to SPAM! *sigh-ZOR* Oh, well, at least we’re paying attention to each other’s rants! 😀

    What you said about Twitter – that’s exactly what I was thinking, too. I don’t think many people actually realize how much traffic Twitter can direct their way! I will literally sit there for hours happily enjoying my tea and randomly clicking through people’s links, reading their posts and commenting … and with re-tweeting, your Tweet won’t necessarily be drowned beneath loads of other Tweets either … but I avoid GFC like the PLAGUE because I have nightmares of the days when I thought I had to keep up with what EVERYONE was posting. But some people are literally OBSESSED with how many GFC followers they have 😮 I love followers, too, but I love comments MORE 😀

  3. Hey Candace! I’m dropping by the hop to say hi! I’m already following.

    I definitely get what you mean about finding blogs with similar interests. When I first started blogging, I tried to follow EVERYONE, but that added up to being way too much, especially since a lot of bloggers weren’t interested in the same things I was. Why follow if you’re not interested and you’re never going to make a quality contribution?

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hopping through. I think having lots of followers is important for blog visibility, but it’s only a start. You need to combine that with people who come frequently to really be successful. Of course, “success” is in the eye of the beholder. But I think most of us are writing both for ourselves and in the hope that other people will connect with us.
    My Hop

  5. Whoa, that’s a very long spam message before my comment:) I’m already a follower, but I’m just hopping through to say hi and have a great weekend! Love what you said about following:)

  6. Hopping through. I’m new to blogging and something tells me I need to figure it out because I don’t even know where to look to see how many I follow 😀

    Enjoy your weekend

  7. I’m a new follower from the Blog Hop :) I’m so glad to have found your blog…it’s fun! I run a little blog, myself, and I love finding new blogs.

    I think I follow around 114 right now :)

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