ARC Early Review- Trance by Linda Gerber

Published: October 14, 2010 by Speak
Details: Paperback, 308 pages

isbn: 0142414158    (isbn13: 9780142414156)
Reading Level: Young Adult
Source: Traveling ARC tour set up by author

It begins with a subtle vibration, a tingling.
There is time to take only one breath.
The trance begins.
When it is through, Ashlyn is …more
It begins with a subtle vibration, a tingling.
There is time to take only one breath.
The trance begins.
When it is through, Ashlyn is certain of two things:
Someone she knows is about to die.
And she is powerless to stop it

My Thoughts: 
I was quite surprised at how much I liked this book!  I actually almost read the entire thing in one sitting!  It was completely engrossing and very easy to read.  
I really felt the author drew the characters quite well.  Even though Ashlyn is the main character and it mostly focuses on her she did an awesome job with the side characters as well.   I was able to understand and relate to the character and situations they were each in.  I understood how Ashlyn didn’t want to share her issue (the visions aka trances) as history had taught her bad things could come of it.  I loved the way how the author made each character so unique.  They had such strong personalities!
This book talks about dealing with losing those you love, about being different, and about learning how to open up to others.  I think all those are issues that teens deal with today.  Although the subject matter is something completely different, the author came up with a reason for why the Trances happen and even how it happens scientifically.  So it was all so believable!  I mean, maybe it’s something that really does happen.  I really don’t know.

The romance is sweet but vague.  In a good way.  There may have been a kiss but there was no description of it or anything sexual whatsoever.  There was no cursing that I recall and I found it to be one of the cleanest YA books I’ve read in awhile.  I had thought this book may feel more middle grade, but it didn’t at all!  It is clean enough for middle grade but had a completely YA feel.  
I was very impressed with this book and highly recommend you add it to your preorder list ASAP! 
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