Another Read-a-thon coming up!

I’ve been having a problem.  A big problem.  My to-be-read NOW pile is 60+ books.  I’ve been feeling good because I’ve got 3 crossed off that list in the past 3 days but then I went and counted today and feel overwhelmed again!
So when I saw that The Bibliophilic Book blog is hosting a Read a Thon I thought I’d better go ahead and sign up!  
It’s going from 9am Friday August 13th and go until 9am Monday the 16th of August.

My problem: It’s the weekend.  My hubby is home.  My inlaws come over to work on the house.  Craziness ensues.  BUT I’m going to do it anyway.  I may not do great, but I’ll do the best I can!  
You want to sign up?  
Head over to The Bibliophilic Book Blog Read a thon post and sign up!

Thanks for subscribing!


  1. Why do the read a thons always hit when I have to much to do? LOL But I am taking your lead and I think I will do it anyway. Maybe I will at least finish a book or two. Maybe 😀

  2. Wow, 60 books! I felt overwhelmed with having around 10 books!

    Not sure if a Read a Thon is possible for me, I work part time and I don’t have my schedule yet. Will see though. I do read a lot, but weekends are when I tend to force myself to get out of the house. I will see when my schedule gets posted though!

    60 books…wow!

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