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Sixteen-year-old Madison still loves logging on to Friendverse to see what her BFFs and her cute new boyfriend Nate are up to. But the latest social networking craze is Status Q, which is all about rapid-fire status updates. When one of Mad’s friends has to pull off a high-pressure heist, the gang relies on Status Q to send code messages to each other…all in the middle of a school dance! Will up-to-the-minute social networking save the day…or lead to good old-fashioned disaster?
My Thoughts:
What’s Your Status? Was a cute read that reminded me a bit of my days of reading Sweet Valley High (but more modern, to now).     This book brought me back to those teen years a bit (but with texting and tweeting which we did NOT have, EEK).    
I loved that in this book the kids weren’t singled out as popular kids, unpopular kids, etc.  There was a trouble maker that dated the girl that became prom queen!  To me it felt more real, more like how my high school was.  
The characters were fun and interesting but sometimes I had to think a little harder then normal because there were quite a few.  And at times it was confusing because they went by their first names at times, their last names other times and then on Status Q they had other names.  
I enjoyed reading the Status Q updates.  I they would be more and was worried it would be too much, but it ended up not being that much and it was entertaining and made me ‘see’ the characters better.
Overall this was a fun and enjoyable read.  Those who enjoyed The Naughty List may enjoy this, but this may be more appropriate for a bit younger crowd even.  
About the Author: 

Top 8Katie Finn is the author of Top 8 and What’s Your St@tus?. She lives and writes in Los Angeles . Friend her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @katiefinnwrites and visit her online at www.katiefinn.com.

So guess what?!  Thanks to Point (the publisher) , one of YOU has the opportunity to win Top 8 and What’s Your St@tus? ! 
Pretty cool, huh? 
What's Your Status? A Top 8 NovelRULES:
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Must be 13 or older 
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And for fun Jessica from Confessions of a Bookaholic and I are working together on this one so for 2 extra entries enter Jessica’s contest at Confessions of a Bookaholic for Top 8 and What’s Your St@tus +2
And then, the fun part!
Tweet!  +1 each tweet.  The subject of the book is twitter based (or very similar, rather) and so this one you may tweet every day 3x a day but each tweet must be at least one hour apart.
You MUST put  #whatsyourstatus?  and the URL (made you one! http://tinyurl.com/34wl9uf)  to this post in your tweet.   Other then that, be creative! 
ENDS Aug 4th around midnight pacific time
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  1. Sounds like a fun book. The name thing could be confusing…but it’s nice that the characters weren’t all a bunch of stereotypes. Sounds a bit more like my high school too.


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