Wanna see my bookshelves? Here you go!

So wanna see my bookshelves?

This is the top of the bookshelf in our family room, the below shelves have children’s books.
This holds the review books I need to read yet, books I just got and/or the books I have on my TBR SOON list.  It’s always a mess because it’s constantly being changed around.

This is the bookshelf in our ‘formal’ living area and holds mainly nonfiction type books.  Gardening, child raising, dictionary, etc.  I do put some of my contest books there so they are more out of the way and no small hands can get to them.  I have all my cookbooks in my pantry (other then that coffee and chocolate one you can see) and there’s no pictures of those shelves (scary!).

This is my newly cleaned up shelf in my bedroom.  It used to be two deep and stacked as well.  But I got some new shelves so it looks so empty!  It is mainly adult series I’m working on or hope to start soon.

The top of my entertainment center in my bedroom is stacked with books that are mostly ones I have listed on paperbackswap.  The built in wall shelf goes halfway around my HUGE bedroom. (I forgot but I also have a bunch of books in the bottom part as well that I didn’t take a picture of!)

See, more of the long ceiling shelf.  Most of these are historical fiction, paperbacks and books I’ve read and don’t plan to read again soon (hard to reach).

And it continues.  There’s a small portion not shown, but that’s most of it.  Still room for lots more!

This is my YA shelf.  It’s a ceiling built in but the loft is above this portion so I can reach the books.  This isn’t even half of my YA books.  I have a ton more on the other shelf and then I have about 30 books loaned out.  I’ve told you guys before, I’m a library in myself!  I have a mother, two sisters, three sister in laws and two friends that borrow books all the time!

These are my new wall mounted shelves in my bedroom.  I LOVE them!  I’ll be doing a real product review on them soon.
Right now I keep some of my favorite series (the ones that aren’t TOO long) on them and my swag is kind of displayed on them as well.

It’s still amazing to me to have so much space.  This is our first house and all the built in wall/ceiling shelves really frees up space.  No more boxes of books under beds, in closets or in cupboards (yes, I did hide stash books in my kitchen cupboards when I had to in apartments). 
 I realized I didn’t get a picture of the middle grade books I have.  But they are on ANOTHER wall/ceiling built in.  And we have several bookshelves with children’s books as well.

So I have a giveaway going on HERE where you show me your shelves (or pictures of shelves online) and I’ll be giving away Wake, Graceling, The Adoration of Jenna Fox and Going Bovine.

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  1. I love your built in shelves. They are totally cool and modern! I am getting two new bookshelves on Tuesday for 10 bucks a piece and they are handmade. Lucky me.

  2. I <3 your shelves!!!! I am a bookshelf freak. Unfortunately, I live in 600 square feet so I have room for very few. If I did not rent, I would install some highly custom bookshelves around the ceiling because I have 9 ft ceilings, but alas, I can’t change the place too much. :( One of these days, though….

    Have you seen bookshelfporn.com?

  3. Oh my gosh, your bookshelves are beyond wonderful! I would kill for all those built-ins! Okay, maybe not kill, but desperately drool over? *L*

    Thanks for sharing! Now I have serious house-envy! 😀

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