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I was contacted by CSN and asked if I was interested in being a preferred blogger.  Which means lots more reviews and giveaways!  CSN has so many awesome sites!  You can buy bedroom furniture sets,   living room furniture, kids furniture, even shoes and toys at their 200+ stores.  As I’ve said before, we have a new house and we have A LOT of things we need!  

Right now we have a plastic drawer storage container to hold the kids coloring books, crayons, puzzles and all that.  It’s a huge eyesore and my husband is always threatening to throw it all away.  I really need to find something to take it’s place.  I would like drawers so that it’s not quite so accessible, but locking drawers would be even better because I have a one year old.  

This one is perfect actually, and could go in the hall.  I think it would work the very best for our needs.
This is gorgeous and would work in our living room.

And this wouldn’t work quite so well for that purpose, but I could put them in a basket on a higher shelf.  And I just LOVE this one!
This is a bit closer to my price range and it looks nice. 
Although actually a filing cabinet, I think it would do the job nicely.

This one is even more in my price range (we’re pretty stinking broke) and doesn’t look too filing cabinet’y’ (okay, maybe it does, but it’s not ugly anyway!)

Keep your eyes open for more product reviews and some giveaways in the future!

I wasn’t paid for this post, but I am being given a GC for a product for review in the future.  The opinions and statements in this are purely my own!
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