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Hazelwood jewelery has been a lifesaver for this family.  I have two children with horrible eczema problems.  Hazelaid has provided us with products that have saved us from having to use horrible prescription creams filled with hormones and other harmful ingredients.  Before I tell you my story here’s a bit about Hazelaid:


We first were introduced to hazelwood necklaces just over two years ago. Eczema had overtaken the poor little body of our three month old and we had been trying in vain to help her. Nothing worked, so when a friend of ours mentioned these necklaces to us, we were skeptical but willing to try anything. 

Her baby son had been on medication to help with severely painful acid reflux.  Eventually her mother sent her a hazelwood necklace, and within two weeks of him wearing it he no longer exhibited any symptoms! Our friend carefully took him off his medicine with no ill effects and he had been fine ever since!  

So when she told us the good news and mentioned that the necklaces were supposed to help with eczema as well, we dove in and ordered for our whole family.  Sure enough, within two weeks our daughter’s eczema cleared up entirely, and we’ve never looked back.

The only times it comes back is when we take off her necklace to go swimming and forget to put it back on (oops!) or when the necklace is saturated and has absorbed all the acid it can. When that happens (every few months or so), we put on a new one and within a few hours to a day her eczema is gone again. We also benefited from how helpful it was in soothing teething pain for both our son and our youngest daughter. 

Eventually we were so overcome by the effects of these products that in April of 2008 we launched Hazelaid.com to make them available to more people and get the word out. Since then we have received so many emails from people telling us they had tried so many things to heal their various issues (eczema, teething, acid reflux, heartburn, headaches) and nothing has worked as well for them as these products!  And they are so thankful for a treatment that doesn’t include pumping their bodies (and the bodies of their little ones) full of unnecessary and possibly harmful medicines, but instead to be able to treat these issues naturally and effectively.

Today we carry 220 unique products, including Baltic Amber and Soap Nuts, all which provide natural solutions to common ailments.


Hazelwood has been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans to help relieve numerous ailments, especially teething pain in babies. The wood is an alkaline substance and seeks Ph balance by naturally absorbing acid when in contact with skin. Much of the pain associated with teething is a result of excess acidity which is why these necklaces are able to dramatically relieve not only teething pain, but also help clear up eczema, reduce acid reflux, and many other acid-based conditions.

If you suffer from:

Acid Reflux
Heart Burn
Cold Sores
…it is highly probable that you are suffering from an acidity imbalance. These hazelwood necklaces can help you alleviate these symptoms in a natural way. 

Our necklaces come in adorable child models, fashionable adult models, as well as bracelets and anklets. Visit us at www.hazelaid.com


Commonly known as “teething jewelry” in Europe, Baltic amber has been a natural remedy for pain relief for hundreds of years. As it warms with the body’s temperature, amber releases oils containing succinic acid, a natural pain reliever, which are then readily absorbed into the skin and the bloodstream.  Amber is known to relieve headaches, teething pain, reduce inflammation of the throat, ear and stomach, and to fight infections and respiratory diseases as it improves the body’s immunity.  

Natural amber beaded necklaces are a completely non-invasive remedy for rashes, upset tummies, earaches, fevers and colds. Baltic amber is a natural analgesic that will help calm your child and is recognized by allopathic medicine specialists as antispasmodic and anti-fever. Many adults report improvement of arthritis discomfort and carpal tunnel pain in their hands when wearing amber jewelry.

Founded April 2008
Hazelaid Community was launched in December 2009 as a place to share information about natural remedies for specific ailments
Originally based in Portland, Oregon, Hazelaid moved operations to Montreal, Quebec in February 2010
Hazelaid now carries 220 unique Hazelwood, Baltic Amber, Magnetic, and Soap Nut Products!

My Story:
When I found out about Hazelaid I immediately ordered a hazelwood necklace for my daughter.  When I put it on her her entire arms and the backs of her knees were covered in scaly, itchy eczema.  The doctor had given us prescriptions but I only used them when I absolutely had to.  The morning after putting the necklace on her her arms were already showing signs of getting better.  By the end of the week all she had left were some marks where she had scratched too hard.  The eczema was gone.  
When my baby was born I got a baltic amber necklace for teething and I honestly never even knew when he got his first teeth.  Later when he started getting eczema I ordered him a hazelwood necklace.  His skin is proving a little tougher, but the hazelwood sure makes a difference!  With him I still have to put some lotion on him but as long as I do both it stays away completely.  One or the other alone isn’t enough.  
I have a hazelwood and baltic amber necklace for myself as well as a hazelwood and magnet necklace. It helps with my headaches significantly!  And they are very pretty and I get lots of compliments!
Several months ago my friend Angela from Reading Angel was having horrible headaches.  I recommended her to Hazelaid.  I hadn’t known she had acid reflux issues.  She has found her miracle!  Here’s her testimonial from the Hazelaid website.
This is actually my second time ordering.  I ordered the Amber Necklace and the Hazelwood and Magnetic bracelet last time and ADORE them!!  I’ve never had anything help with my excessive acid like this!  I wasn’t even able to go to the store or out to the park with my son without worrying about running to the bathroom because of an upset stomach due to acid.  These took care of that problem completely.  I have been able to eat and go out with my family without the worry of where the closest bathroom is for the first time in 7 years!!!!

My bracelet is now losing it’s affect, so time for a new one :-)  The poor flesh of the wood is all completely black!!  I also ordered one for my Dad this time :-)

I was referred to you all from a friend for my headaches.  It helped with that, but the help with my stomach is priceless!

And your prices are wonderful, not only is your jewelry helpful, but it’s beautiful too. My Dad saw my bracelet and the super-magnet that holds it together and I just had to get one for him!  He’s lost every magnetic bracelet he’s had because the clasps break, you definitely don’t have to worry about that with these!!  They are strong and beautiful, thank you so much for that!

I’ve recommended them to so many people now!!  I know my mother’s best friend ordered for almost everyone for Christmas from you because of my recommendation!  Thanks for the products!!!  You make my life so much easier and happier!

-Angela, West Virginia 

There are many more amazing testimonials you must check out! 

Now I can’t leave you guys without telling you about the amazing customer service Hazelaid provides.  When I first started ordering from them they were local and I got the product the next day.  That shows they ship immediately!  They are also very helpful and have hints and ideas for different ailments.  Hazelaid Community is a great place to discuss different issues you may have with anything health related.  Severine and the others there are very helpful.  I’ve learned many new things!

Wanna shop? Here’s an exclusive discount promo code for you to use at the checkout for 10% off: READING10. Good through August 10th.

Want to win?  Well the lovely owners of Hazelaid are offering up, to one of YOU, any piece of jewelery in their store.  Any size, any style!  Pretty awesome, huh?  (Just not the ointment or the soap nuts.)  And guess what’s even better?  It’s open worldwide!  So everyone can enter!  

*ENDED* Well, first of all (this is required!) you go to Hazelaid

and tell me what you would pick if you won.  Leave a comment and make sure you provide an email or twitter name to find you! 
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Giveaway Ends July 27th 
Open Internationally!  
I was not paid for this review.  I did, however, receive a discount to purchase more Hazelaid products.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Hard choices I want them all.OK My Choice is Burgundy & Black Hazelaid or the Rainbow Round Amber One or the other.
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  2. Okay, just a reminder that you need to make a comment for EACH entry! I’ll be nice this time and enter all Stacey’s.

  3. this is great i would love to try the Multifaceted Hematite Necklace
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  4. Carrie, I wear all of them so it’s hard to say for sure, but I think my hazelwood/ magnet one might work best with my headaches. I had the amber one first and it worked but the magnets are great for the blood flow. I used to have HORRIBLE wrists, they hurt ALL the time, and then I wore a magnet bracelet and it’s ALL better. So I know magnets are awesome! I think what makes the biggest difference in how they work is what’s causing the headaches. If headaches are caused by too much acid then the hazelwood draws that out, if they are caused from tension then the magnets help with that. Amber is an analgesic so it is basically a pain reliever. Hope that helps!

  5. Thanks so much, Candace, I really appreciate it! I have a huge problem with migraines and I am willing to try anything!! I might try one of each and see what works. I see what you are saying about finding out what causes the headaches-if only I knew :) Thanks so much, I appreciate it.

  6. I would pick the Cognac & Cherry Baroque Leaf that you posted a picture of. Beautiful!!
    Sue B

    What an awesome giveaway. Thank you!!

  7. what a wonderful giveaway! i would get the multicolor amber necklace for my fiance – he gets terrible migraines and indigestion a bit more than average (not sure what length yet – would have to ask him what he’s more comfortable with).

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

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