Green Extravaganza!

So I was sad that I didn’t know about all the giveaway parties going on before hand, otherwise I would have signed up!  But then Lori, from Pure Imagination told me about this one that Kirthi from Pages is putting on on August 9th.   I thought it was perfect because I’m all about going green!  Here’s what Kirthi says on her post: 

Thanks to the amazing support I’ve gotten from my previous post on Green contests! I thought that maybe I’d follow Bookworming in the 21st Century and The Neverending Shelf with their Book Extravaganza idea by doing a Green Extravaganza!
  1. Must fill out the form to participate
  2. Must post contest on August 9th.
  3. Prizes can be anything
  4. The entries must be green-related (must help save energy and the environment)
  5. You can have as many extra entries as you want
  6. Contests must end on August 14th
  7. You must have your own Rules easily visible for your contest. We suggest using Bold or larger lettering for this section of your post. Rules should include your extra entries, where you will ship to, and any contest or privacy policies.
  8. (Optional) Post about what you’re doing to go green and why you want to!
Examples of extra entries:
  • Did you unplug 5 plugs in your house? +2
  • Did you replace a normal light bulb with a fluorescent light bulb in your house? +2
  • Do you turn off your computer at night? +2
  • Do you take shorter showers?+2
  • Do you pay your bills online?+2
  • Do you wrap your presents creatively? (using old newspapers or magazine print)+2

So watch my blog for my giveaway on the 9th, and sign up to do your own!  Seriously!  We’re not sick of giveaways yet, are we?  

I haven’t decided on what to giveaway yet.  What do you guys want to win?

Thanks for subscribing!


  1. Awesome contest idea! I’m so sad I won’t have internet access :(
    I’d love to win Kristin Cashore books (I’ve been trying to get people to give these away for a while. I really want to own it!). Or, to stick with the Green theme, Cycle and (Re)Cycle. I forgot the author. A lot of people will probably be giving them away, though, I bet.

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