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BlogFest 2010BlogFest 2010 is coming up Sept 10-12.  It is going to be HUGE and I don’t know how anyone will be able to enter ALL the giveaways!  Seriously, its HUGE!  And I’m participating this time!  I’m planning something good for you guys!  It’s being hosted by Journey of Books so be sure to check it out!  Just click the BlogFest button! 

Then, I’ve already told you guys this one, but for who missed it, I’m also participating in the Green Extravaganza giveaway.  This one is SOON and lasts a week, well, 5 days anyway.  It starts Aug 9th and lasts through the 14th.  It’s put on by Kirthi at Pages and you can check it out here.  I’m giving away some ‘green’ related books but am hoping to have a YA package and an adult package as well.

And THEN there’s a top secret giveaway being planned
to starting in ONE week!  It’s one no one will want to miss out on so keep watch next Friday!

On another note, we’re having a yard sale this weekend so busy, busy, busy!  Hopefully I can get some books read so I’ll have reviews to post next week, but it’s not going so good so far.  Just too much to do! 

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