Jacqueline Carey Interview and Giveaway *ended* of Naamah’s Kiss!

Note: Jacqueline Carey writes adult books, some of this interview is more for adults eyes only!

I’m so excited!  My favorite author, Jacqueline Carey,  was nice enough to do an interview for us!  Here’s the great interview she did.  At the end you’ll find a giveaway for Naamahs’ Kiss.  You can find my review of Naamah’s Kiss Here.  I also did an overview of Kushiel’s Dart, Kushiel’s Chosen and Kushiel’s Avatar Here.  And my overview of Kushiel’s Scion, Kushiel’s Justice and Kushiel’s Mercy Here.   
So without further ado, here’s the interview with Jacqueline Carey!

1. My sister in law and I were talking the other day and we both were wondering how authors who write sex scenes even deal with telling their family or having them read it.  When you wrote the Kushiel’s Legacy Series did your family read it?  How did you deal with that?  My family is NOT open minded so I know I would have been using a pen name and probably would never tell them, ha ha.

If you want to write sex scenes, it’s crucial to get past the self-consciousness that it entails and just go for it.  That said, no way I let any of my family read Kushiel’s Dart until after it sold!  And my family is fairly open-minded.  If they weren’t, I might not have told them… although it would be rather hard to explain how I make a living by this point!

2. How did you come up with the Kushiel’s Legacy world and characters? Some authors have dreams, others just start writing and it just happens.  How was it for you?

There’s no one answer.  The setting was inspired in part by a trip to the south of France, in part by a vivid dream, in part by research into angelology and religious lore.  I honestly don’t know where characters come from, I’m just glad they do!  I’ve always said part of the creative process is a mystery in the oldest sense of the word.  I do work out my plots fairly extensively in advance, rather than just starting to write.

3.I find similarities in the world to earth and am always picking out what ‘country’ is what.  I love that actually.  Was that intentional?

Definitely.  I love history and travel, and I enjoy scattering real-world details in my alternate world-building.  I think of them as little puzzle pieces for like-minded readers to enjoy.

4. Did you know the world was going to go this far into more series (trilogies)?

When I had the concept for the first trilogy, I knew that with all his baggage and torments, Imriel would be a good springboard character for a second trilogy.  I hadn’t planned any further, but after finishing the second trilogy, I was engaged by the idea of doing another that featured a scion of a different one of Elua’s Companions; and I settled on Naamah.

5. What is planned for the future?  I know Naamah’s Curse comes out soon what comes after that?

There’s one more volume yet to come, Naamah’s Blessing, and I’m also working on a sequel to Santa Olivia.  After that, I’ll have to take some downtime to figure out what comes next!

6. Phedre is my favorite character in your books.  Well, probably my all time favorite character EVER.  Who is your favorite character in your books?

Phedre is such a unique character, it’s hard not to choose her.  But I love all my heroines and heroes!  Some of my favorites are secondary characters that are lots of fun to write, like the pirate captain Kazan Atrabiades in Kushiel’s Chosen or half-mad Gallus Tadius in Kushiel’s Scion.  And of course, Melisande Shahrizai is one of the most fun characters ever to write.  She’s so deliciously amoral.

7. Do you have a favorite book that you wrote that you think turned out much better then you’d ever expected? My favorite is Kushiel’s Chosen, love the pirates!

Obviously, so do I!  But Kushiel’s Mercy was one of the toughest challenges to tackle, because I had to figure out a way to 1) separate my star-crossed lovers yet again, 2) Give Sidonie a more prominent role in the plot, and 3) bring around the entire series to a satisfying conclusion.  I ended up being very pleased with the result.

8. How do you come up with the names for your characters?  I think you do a fantastic job coming up with names that fit perfectly. And, btw, my daughters name is Phaedra, and I picked the name BEFORE I read the Kushiel’s Legacy series.  That’s actually a funny story and I’ll share it real quick because it’s something that will never fade from memory. I had called my best friend who lived on the other side of the US to tell her I picked a name but as soon as she answered she was squealing that she found the perfect name!  Well the name she picked was Phedre! The same name I was going to tell her.  She had just read the Kushiel’s Legacy series and that day I went and got the first book.  And we’re both very happy with the name ‘we’ picked.  And the series is both our favorites.

That’s quite a coincidence!  For me, choosing names is a process that combines research with intuition.  I pore over lists of setting-appropriate names until something clicks.

9. What are some of your all time favorite books that you recommend?

I find it hard to give recommendations, because my readers span a wide range of literary taste.  But Guy Gavriel Kay is an author I often recommend.  He writes fantasy set in recognizable alternate historical settings, with an adult emotional sensibility and a strong use of mythology.  His standalone “Tigana” is a good starting point.
Thank you so much Jacqueline!  I had a fantastic time at the booksigning and can’t wait until next year when I hope you return!  

Now Jacqueline is so awesome and provided me a hardcopy *signed* of Naamah’s Kiss for giveaway!  Now isn’t that awesome?!  

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  1. Great interview! Loved the questions :)

    I will be curious to see if she decides to do another trilogy, hope so! She sure does deserve some downtime though.

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