It’s my birthday! And Winner of the Twilight Graphic Novel!

Today is my golden Birthday!  I’m actually having an okay day but I’m pretty frustrated with my baby who’s been crying at me all day.  But I did get a new netbook!  I’m really excited about it because my laptop is going to die one of these days (like soon!).  The battery doesn’t last longer then 5 minutes so I have to stay in one spot anyway.  I decided to go with a netbook for the portability.  With kids it’s hard to keep them happy in one spot.  So now I can go outside or wherever and I have 10 hours of battery life!  That’s awesome!

This is not the actual one I got, but the closest picture I could find. Mine is red though. 
ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1201PN-PU17-RD 12.1-Inch Netbook - Red


Okay, so I finally kind of got a chance to pick a winner for the Twilight Graphic novel.  There were only 26 entrants this time and everyone only had one entry, so nice and easy. picked number 6 and that’s


Congrats Yara!  I’ll email you as soon as I can!  I have company on the way so it might be after that.

If you didn’t win you and you haven’t entered my other contests be sure to do so.  Many end tonight!  Not sure when winners will be announced but hopefully tonight or tomorrow.  Most entries are already added up, I think.  

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