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The other day I posted my review of Willow and that evening I got an email from Julia Hoban, the author!  She enjoyed my review and just wanted to say thanks and told me a bit about Willow and how and why she wrote some things, and not other things, etc.  I have to tell you, she’s so much fun to chat with!  I came to discover that she’s really great with her writing technique.  I mean, I knew Willow was an amazing book and was wrote very well, but Julia really managed to do things without it being obvious.  It was just well done, that’s all I’m saying!

Anyway, I was telling Julia that it was such a fantastic book that I would love to offer a copy to my readers on My Favorite Things event and she offered to send one of YOU a copy of Willow!  Isn’t that awesome?!  I told you she was great!  
Julia wrote a piece for a UK newspaper and it’s awesome!  I told her I would love to share that piece with you guys.  Because of copywrite issues you’ll have to click the link, but I promise you guys, it’s great!  So you can go HERE to check it out.

And Karen from For What It’s Worth has an awesome review on her on her blog that you can find HERE.  At the end of her review she has links to an interview she did with Julia Hoban (very awesome!) and she also has links to a post she did about her copy with mark ups where Julia marked in the book things that were important and had some serious meaning, etc.  The mark ups might not be good to read unless you’ve read the book, but keep it in mind for after you read it, because it’s very cool (I’m VERY jealous of Karen, I want that book with mark ups!).

So like I said Julia is offering one of YOU a copy of Willow.   Thank you Julia!


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  1. What a great article! I surely hope that John was either a real genie, or retired soaking it up on a beach somewhere under a bright and flashy beach umbrella!

  2. Great story. I love the description of the first parasol made for you. But, I have an extreme penchant for ribbon and polka dots!

    Congrats of the success of Willow. I’ve heard so many good reviews.

  3. The article Julia wrote was awesome. Was John her fairy god mother/father? This was like a miracle so maybe her guardian angel was John?? Whoever he was he changed the course of her life for the better.
    Loved the article..

    I have had Willow on my wish list since the first review I read.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  4. Wow, sounds like Julia had her own little bit of magic in John. Sounds like the type of fairy godfather we’d
    all like to have in our corner.

  5. Carrie, I don’t think so. I know it’s not Julia in the picture. I think it’s just a picture that they thought fit. But hopefully Julia will stop by and can let us know for sure;)
    So glad your all enjoying the article!

  6. Anonymous

    It’s not one of the ones he made for me! Although it is very pretty, if you look, you can see that the lace cut outs (that style of lace is called Battenberg) would let the sun in….

    Everyone is leaving such nice comments!

    Julia H

  7. Oh my goodness! How amazing that the author came by and commented on your review!!! I am kind of obsessed with authors. Did you send her a link to your blog or was she already a follower?? Ok… now I’m going to go read your linked article…

    Thanks for stopping by Book Love on the Blog Hop! I know I’ll be back to Candance’s Book Blog :)

  8. Wow… what a great story. I want to share it with my students b/c so many of them are obsessed with stay ing out of the sun, so it’s not uncommon to see them sitting outside with a giant umbrella. I bet they would love the parasol idea. Julia and Candace, thank you for sharing!

  9. I absolutely loved the article that Julia wrote. It would be such a great ending if she could find John! And how John knew exactly what she really needed:)

  10. Katie,
    I know, authors are my celebrities, that’s for sure! Julia actually didn’t have any contact info anywhere but someone else saw it and sent her the link to check it out. Usually I try to @tweet authors or something when I post a review but Julia doesn’t do social networking. Thank goodness because I WANT MORE BOOKS! LOL.
    Thanks Julia for dropping by! I had a feeling you would 😉 Your awesome like that!

  11. I loved the article although the ending….I know it was a sweet ending but it made me sad…I’m curious as to what happened to John, he sounds like he made a real different in her outlook, we could all use someone like him in our life right?

  12. Ana T.

    The article was a great read. It definitely shows the change that she went through from someone “in hiding” to someone who is confident to be herself. I can identify…. and I’m sure others can too!

  13. You wanted to disappear. There’s no point in even trying. A woman with a parasol will always stand out. It’s useless to try and hide. You might as well embrace that fact.’
    such profound words… and now we cant find him!

  14. This article was so sweet! I wonder what happened to John? But wherever he is, I’m glad that he was able to provide Julia with the parasol!

  15. I loved reading threw her story. Normally I get bored reading stories about other people, but I was actually really touched because I can relate to alot of the things she was saying.

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