Kids Pick Wednesday- Pinkalicious!

PinkaliciousPinkalicious is by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann and is our newest addition to our bookshelf (children’s section anyway, ha ha).  My daughter got this on Sunday and it quickly became our favorite.
Pinkalicious is about a little girl who makes very pink cupcakes with her mom and then eats so many of them she turns pink!  And she loves it until the birds and bees think she’s a flower and swarm around her at the park.  Her last straw is when she eats just one last cupcake and she wakes up and is RED!  Horrors!  Red is not a good color to be!  So she takes the doctors advise and stuffs herself full of green foods only and she becomes her original right color.  And is her beautiful self again.

What we thought:
We loved this book!  It was fun for me to read (always a plus!).  And it was just as fun for my daughter because it’s about pink and cupcakes.  Two of her most favorite things in the whole world!  She was giggling like crazy at the adorable pictures and the wonderful things that this little girl had to say.  Here’s one page, one of our very favorites.

My hair was the color of raspberry sorbet.  I cried because I was so beautiful.  I even had PINK tears.  I put on my pink fairy princess dress and twirled in front of the mirror, while Mommy speed-dialed the pediatrician.
“I’m Pinkerbelle! Look at me, I’m Pinkerbelle!” I sang.
Mommy grabbed her purse.
“Just one more cupcake! PLEASE JUST ONE MORE!” I yelled on the way out the door.  Mommy took me right to the doctor’s office.  

Now isn’t that just the cutest thing ever?  Maybe not.  Maybe you have to read it.  But I promise you if you have a little girl who likes pink, cupcakes, dressing up as a princess or is girly in any way at all she’s going to love this book!  I am now going to be buying the rest of the books about her:  Goldilicious (Pinkalicious)Purplicious (Pinkalicious), Pinkalicious: Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink and even Pinkalicious: Love, Pinkalicious Reusable Sticker Book.
The illustrations in this book are wonderful and if you look carefully it looks like it’s a mix of real pictures and illustrated pictures.  Very different, but very cute.
I give this book 5 moons for story and illustrations!

You can see all the Pinkalicious goodness on the Pinkalicious website:
And you can click Pinkalicious to order from amazon.  (If you click and order I will be paid a small amount of money which will be used to fund contests.)

Here is an awesome folder I got for Phaedra to store her artwork in.  Clearance at Borders!  Isn’t it cute?!

Here is some of Phaedra’s artwork this week. This is an idea inspired and started by Violet at The Eager Readers.
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  1. My mother-in-law does Pinkalicious b-day party at there cupcake shop!! It does look like a really cute book! The folder and her artwork are both cute!!

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