It’s Monday! What are you reading? (3)

It’s Monday, What are you reading? is hosted by Sheila at One Persons Journey through a World of Books.  
What are you reading is where we gather and talk about what we’ve read in the past week and plan to read this week.   It’s a great way to network and find more great books to add to our list to-be-read.  
Last week I didn’t get a lot read.  I read Linger by Maggie Stiefvater and English Trifle by Josi S. Kilpack (review for May 5th).   I also started on Blackbringer by Laini Taylor again (poor book kept getting put aside) and am almost finished with it.  It’s pretty good now that I’ve had a chance to get engrossed in it.  
LingerEnglish TrifleBlackbringer (Dreamdark)
For this week I plan to finish Blackbringer, of course, and then I may pick up 13 Treasures, Need, or possibly Hold Still.  I have so many to read it’s hard to say for sure.  But those are a few on the top of my list.
13 TreasuresNeedHold Still
My mom, two sisters and nephew are here visiting this week.  I had hoped to have some reviews done before but I haven’t got them done.  So hopefully I’ll still be getting daily posts up but if I miss a day then it’s because I’m having so much fun with them!
Have a great week everyone!  And don’t forget to enter my contests.  The Body Finder book and swag contest ends on the 30th!  
What are you reading this week?
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  1. You read some great titles and have some more to go. I will have to come back for the reviews to see how you like Linger and Blackbringer. Enjoy your time with family, and the rest of the week.

  2. I am so jealous that you have had a change to read Linger already. I am so looking forward to it coming out. I liked Need and have Tantalized waiting on my TBR stack.

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