I won an Award, I’m a Prolific Blogger!

A prolific blogger is one who is
intellectually productive,
keeping up an active blog with enjoyable content.

After accepting this award,
recipients are asked to pay it forward
to  seven other deserving blogs.

Bewitched Bookworms awarded me this wonderful award!  Thank you guys!  It means so much to me since I’m still fairly new at this.  I’m happy to find out that people are happy with how often I post and the content is enjoyable to them.  So without further ado I must list the seven other deserving blogs.
Lori from Pure Imagination– She’s been amazing in giving advice and teaching me all sorts of tricks to blogging.  I’m constantly learning new things from her.  She’s also been amazing in designing my blog and buttons.  I read her blog everyday and she has some amazing reviews that often sway me or nay me on a book. 
Angel from Reading Angel– She’s been on this road of blogging right along side me.  Her and Lori and I bounce ideas off of each other, plan fun and exciting events together and we mostly all love the same books.  I read Angel’s posts everyday and every review usually has some sort of effect on my to-be-read list.  She posts everyday and the content is always interesting to me.  
Violet from The Eager Readers–  This is a fairly new blog to me.  She found my blog the night before Kimberly Derting’s book signing and then came up to me before the book signing.  We hit it off immediately and plan to do many more signings together.  We are also working together in our giveaway of The Body Finder and swag giving extra entries to enter or follow the other’s blog.  I’ve been visiting at least nearly every post on her blog since we met and she has amazing reviews.  They are so organized I really feel put to shame on my sometimes hurried and not always thorough reviews.  We seem to have very similar taste in books and I’m sure will be good friends for the years to come.  I love that she does flower Fridays and she has the most gorgeous pictures!  
Bella at Obsessed! I love her reviews and how she’s so honest and her reviews are interesting!  Once you start reading you can’t stop.  Sometimes even after she says there are spoilers I just can’t tear my eyes away because what she’s saying just pulls me in.  
Dawn from Dawn Hullender’s Southern Musings–  I find her blog full of interesting content and she posts regularly (not that I’ve been able to check everyday ;(  She always seems so great at commenting on my blog as well which is always appreciated!
Amanda at Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chic– She has interesting content, she posts at least fairly regularly (I confess, I can’t read EVERY blog everyday!) and I love her reviews!  She’s also awesome about ReTweets!
Jessica at Shut Up! I’m Reading! She has a wonderful blog with fantastic reviews.  Being a fan of YA it’s nice to get the teens Point-Of-View as well.  She writes so well I never would’ve guessed her for a teen if I didn’t know better!  (Although I think I wrote better as a teen then I do now ; )
Oh man, is that all?!  I feel like I’ve left so many great blogs out, but that is seven so I must stop… 
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  1. Hey Candace!

    Thanks so much for thinking of Obsessed! and passing the award along (“,).

    I’m definitely going to be checking out the other blogs you mentioned, they sound awesome!

    Enjoy the rest of your week xxx

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