I won another award!

Thank you Maggie from Biblophilia- Maggie’s Bookshelf!  She gave me the Beautiful Blogger award which I’ve posted already and she gave me the Bliss (Happy 101) award and this is my first time with it!  Since I barely have time to even write my posts then for now I’m not passing on. But one of these days I’m going to be passing on a whole slew of awards!

10 Things that make me happy-
1. When people actually READ my blog, and COMMENT!
2. My kids and my family, of course (though they also drive me crazy and make writing on here very difficult!)
3. Reading *duh*
4. Gardening.  I love the smell of the grass and newly turned dirt and the satisfaction I feel when I finish a project.
5.  Bookstores.  Particularly Powells.  I love the shelves to the ceiling and the smell of new and old books and the atmosphere with all the other people who also love books.
6. Nature.  I love hiking to waterfalls and/or to a scenic spot and seeing the beauty before me.
7. Shopping.  I can’t help it.  I love getting new things.  Kids seriously hinder this though and I’ve found my love of shopping online.
8. Traveling.  I love to see new things!  When my kids are big I’m looking forward to visiting many countries!
9. Lost.  That’s the one and only show I’m addicted to.
10. My husband.  He thinks he needs to have his own spot on here and not just be included in the family one.  I couldn’t think of another one anyway.

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