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Today, my friends, is Earth Day.  On my giveaway I asked what exactly do you do on earth day, or what do you do through out the year that is ‘green’ or earth friendly.  I didn’t say what I do though and this post is mostly dedicated to that.  If your looking for a book review or something book related I apologize.  I will have more reviews posted soon!  And I have plenty of past reviews for you to read if you haven’t already.
Earth day around my house has never been a big deal.  The reason for that is because we are always quite ‘green’.  But I realize that I need to teach my children more about the earth and not littering, and how trees are good for us and all that good stuff.  In the past we lived in apartments (this is our first Earth day in a house!) and so we’d go out and pick up garbage in the parking lot.  This year we’re going to plant trees and flowers (we’re beautifying the yard anyway so that’s not a biggie) and then we’re going to make a worm home!  My daughter LOVES worms and everyday begs to go out and find worms.  Most days we do because I’m gardening anyway.  But building a compost bin/worm house will be something new and fun to do.  I have plenty of coffee grounds saved up!

Things we do all year around that are green and earth friendly are:
Cloth Diaper
Use reusable shopping bags
Use reusable water bottles and coffee cups (when going to Starbucks, etc)
Limit electricity (hang dry clothing and diapers when possible, turn off lights, tv, computer, etc)
Use one car most of the time. (Our second car isn’t dependable so I refuse to drive it. When I NEED a car then my husband drives it to work. He also carpools so he doesn’t always have to drive.)
I use only green cleaners.  Vinegar and water work great for many things. I use a laundry detergent that is eco friendly and allergen free (and cloth diaper safe!).  My dishwashing soap is also eco friendly.
I buy used clothing as often as possible and buy organic and /or unbleached cotton clothing when I’m able.
We limit meat intake (I rarely eat meat anymore) and this is why.
When getting rid of items I think are junk I list them on freecycle (so far everything I’ve listed has been taken!) instead of throwing it in the garbage to go in the landfill.
What else is there?  Hmmm…. I’m sure there’s more that we do, but that’s most of it.  I hope if you don’t do these things that you will consider doing them!
Have a wonderful Earth Day!  And don’t forget to enter my Earth day contest to win Avatar (the movie), stainless steel waterbottles (BPA free!) and reusable shopping totes.  When I reach 175 followers I will be adding The Adoration of Jenna Fox to the giveaway.

Earth Day Graphics

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  1. Great post Candace! I do a lot of these things too and some of them I shoud start doing more! That’s the first I have heard of Freecycle I will have to check that out!

    Happy Earth Day!

  2. Freecycle is awesome! I’ve gotten some nice stuff too! And it’s all over the US so that makes it even better! Hopefully they have it in your area.
    One thing I do to continually be more green is everything I buy I think is there a greener way to do it? Garbage bags for example. I don’t like the idea of my garbage sitting in a landfill for a trillion years because of the stupid bag. I found some bags at walmart that are made out of recycled materials and break down more quickly. There’s always more green things to do, but it can seem overwhelming if you tackle them all at once. One thing at a time makes it easy and less overwhelming.

  3. Happy Earth Day! Great post! I need to remember Freecycle. We transition over to eco-friendly products whenever possible too. All the small changes really can make a big difference. :-)

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