Kim Harrison reading, Q&A and signing!

Last night I got to go to Kim Harrison’s signing for Black Magic Sanction.  I’ve been anticipating this for weeks!  I usually have a hard time getting a sitter, I just don’t have many options, but my mother in law agreed to come with and watch the kids there.  (I don’t think she realized how late it would go though.)
We arrived at Powells right at 7 which is when it was suppose to start so I ended up in the next to last row.  It was pretty packed!  Lots of Portland fans!  Kim started out with doing a reading that was spoiler free!  Just a bit with Trent and Rachel which was a conversation that seems to happen in many (most) of the books with just a little different twist in each one.  I kinda was hoping that she’d do a bit with Jenks, but Trent was okay!  Even though he really pisses me off in almost every book he’s still one of my favorite characters.  
After the reading she did questions and they were the usual.  Someone asked for author recommendations and Kim mentioned Vicki Petterson, Charlaine Harris, Rachel Vincent and a few others that I’m not thinking of.  Someone asked how she comes up with characters and her answer was that they are usually brought in to do a certain ‘job’ and they develop from there.  She said more then that, but maybe you should just go to your own signing and hear more yourself!  She was great though and next time I’m going to be WAY early so I can be in the front!  The signing came next and they went by row.  Which meant I was at the end!  I had to wait a couple hours.  But it was worth it!  When I got up there I got Guy to take a picture on my phone (next time I’m remembering my camera with a flash. And I WAS smiling but I didn’t know when the picture was taken and he clicked the wrong one the first time so it took longer, but oh well!).  She personalized my book and I said thanks and that was it!  I had been nervous in the beginning but after waiting that long I wasn’t nervous by the time it was my turn.  I’m pretty shy though and so I’m a little mad for not saying more.  I could have said how much I love Jenks or something.  Oh well.  Next time!
My kids were with my mother in law and the first half of the time they were in the kids section reading books but after over an hour and after the reading and Q&A they came over and sat with me.  Lots of people had left from the back so there were seats.  Luckily they were really good and there wasn’t really any issues.  Next time I hope to have a sitter who can sit with them at home and I can bring a friend along.  I would have liked to have someone to talk to and chat about the books with, etc.
All in all I had a great time and I look forward to many more readings, signings, and Q&A with Kim!

Told you I was WAY in the back!

Me telling my daughter to push the camera to take a picture.

And my daughter waiting patiently.
And my baby being a happy little guy.  He was having a blast giving 5’s!

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  1. That is still super cool that you got to go! Your kids are so cute! I laugh every time I see pictures of your daughter because she is always doing something funny or has a great expression on her face. :)

    No one ever comes to my city (unless you count the dude who writes the Fablehaven series but that is only because I think he lives here…and I don’t read those) and you are close to Portland and Seattle really isn’t that far away either and there a ton of authors in the area so I think that is pretty awesome.

  2. I’m pretty lucky to be so close to Powells. I’ll be watching their signings for authors I like and hopefully will go more. Christopher Moore is in town tonight but it’s a tickets only one. Wish I’d known before though! Oh well.

  3. I am visiting from the Hop. Looks like your kids did pretty well at the book signing. I know that I wouldn’t have been so lucky. My 8 year old MAY have been able to entertain herself with a book, but the 3 year old would have knocked down a display, several chairs and would have annoyed everybody anywhere near her. Thank goodness she is cute.

    Glad you got to go though. Great pictures.

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