I won some awards!

First of all Thank You!  I’ve been working on getting my blog done and organized so it’s nice that I have a few people looking at it!  It’s an on going project though.  With two kids I only manage a little at a time, so it may look a little different each time.
First of all Thank You Bell from Obsessed! for the One Lovely Blog award.

 Lydia, from The Lost Entwife sent me the award as well as Wendy from Wendy’s Minding Spot.

And Kelsey from The Door to Wonderland sent me The Beautiful Blogger Award! 
Edited to add another award from Chrissie’s Corner.

Thanks so much ladies!

1. Post on your blog that you received the award.
2. Choose 15 other newly discovered bloggers that you love, and award them with this.
3. Send them a message/comment to let them know.

I just don’t have time today to pass these out, and to be truthful, not sure I will anytime soon!  I had a hard time just posting my review!  AND I think everyone has received them already!  I have discovered many new blogs in the past week though and I need to get busy getting the awesome blogs buttons up and get them on my blog roll!
I’m also suppose to post 7 things about me you may not know.
1. I’m the oldest child of 5 and am 5 years older then the next one.
2. I grew up in a super religious family and was never allowed to do anything (or read anything good which lead to me sneaking books in my closet).
3. I read to my children everyday.
4. We have a cat named Curious who is CRAZY and Curious (he’ll jump in the bath water he’s so curious).
5. I have bookshelves that run along the ceiling of my bedroom that are full.  That’s not even mentioning the regular bookshelves in my bedroom, living room, and family room and the shelves along the ceiling in the hall and living room that also have books on them.
6. I love to garden.
7. I watch Lost every Tuesday and try to watch comedy Wednesday on ABC (though it’s on now and I’m not watching it) and that’s pretty much all the tv I watch.  I’d rather be reading.

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  1. Congratulations on your awards! Love the idea of bookshelves along the top of the wall near the ceiling, as I’ve run out of room for regular bookshelves!

    Great list. And I love your cat’s name! :)

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