First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Night Huntress series comes a breathtaking new journey to the dark side of desire.
The night is not safe for mortals. Denise MacGregor knows all too well what lurks in the shadows—her best friend is half-vampire Cat Crawfield—and she has already lost more than the average human could bear. But her family’s past is wrapped in secrets and shrouded in darkness—and a demon shapeshifter has marked Denise as prey. Now her survival depends on an immortal who lusts for a taste of her.
He is Spade, a powerful, mysterious vampire who has walked the earth for centuries and is now duty-bound to protect this endangered, alluring human—even if it means destroying his own kind. Denise may arouse his deepest hungers, but Spade knows he must fight his urge to have her as they face the nightmare together . . .
Because once the first crimson drop falls, they will both be lost.

My review:
WOWZA!  Jeaniene did it again!  She wrote an amazing story with characters you can’t help but fall in love with (I certainly would NOT mind having my own Spade!).  This is the first spin off of the Night Huntress series and I wasn’t sad that Cat and Bones weren’t the main characters.  Sure I missed them, but Spade and Denise were fantastic characters and I would love to read more about them.  They could have their own series now!  Sadly I don’t believe that to be the plan.  I am excited to read more of the spin off books, the next being with Mencheres and a new character.  With this book the story was unique (though some parts I suppose are just characteristic of romances and that aspect can’t be avoided, and I’m NOT talking about sex!) and it had some interesting twists and turns.  I can’t wait for her next book!

As a side note, Jeaniene is only getting better and better.  Each book seems better then the last to me and although I’ve enjoyed all her books the first couple were four stars.  Can’t remember what I’ve rated the last one or so, but this one made it all the way to 5 stars!  I really did love Spade!  And I know some people might stone me, but I think I might like him more then Bones!  *ducking from the stones*
For those of you non romance lovers (*me, me!*), this book, as with all of Jeaniene Frosts’ books, are not all romance.  No, there is much much more to the story!  This book only had 2 sex scenes, I believe. 

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