The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

Description: Grace Divine, daughter of the local pastor, always knew something terrible happened the night Daniel Kalbi disappeared–the night she found her brother Jude collapsed on the porch, covered in his own blood–but she has no idea what a truly monstrous secret that night held.

The memories her family has tried to bury resurface when Daniel returns, three years later, and enrolls in Grace and Jude’s high school. Despite promising Jude she’ll stay away, Grace cannot deny her attraction to Daniel’s shocking artistic abilities, his way of getting her to look at the world from new angles, and the strange, hungry glint in his eyes.

The closer Grace gets to Daniel, the more she jeopardizes her life, as her actions stir resentment in Jude and drive him to embrace the ancient evil Daniel unleashed that horrific night. Grace must discover the truth behind the boy’s dark secret…and the cure that can save the ones she loves. But she may have to lay down the ultimate sacrifice to do it–her soul.

My review
This was a WOW book for me. It pulled me in from page one and it held my attention (rapt attention, might I add!) until the last page. I hated putting the book down, I just wanted to read straight through!   I really felt more connected to these characters because it seemed more realistic then so many other young adult books. It seems like so much of the time the kids are free to run amock and have no rules and no one to answer to. The fact that they were expected to help out and had rules just made it more real for me.
In this book the author keeps you guessing about what is really going on though she does a great job of foreshadowing you don’t really know for sure. There are twists and turns that keep you wondering if your guess is wrong. One major factor of the story is the relationship between Grace and Daniel and her brother Jude. Grace and Daniel are obviously attracted to each other but Jude makes it clear he hates Daniel. Grace feels torn about who to be true to.
5 Stars!!!!

I was almost finished when I sat in on a chat with the author. I’d wanted to finish it so I wouldn’t get spoilers, but I couldn’t quite do it. So I did end up hearing some spoilers that would have totally surprised me if I hadn’t found them out. I did find out some great things though and can’t wait for the next book! Tentative release for December ’10.

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