Some Christmas Spirit…

This was an amazing book. Not that I loved the writing style so much, and at times I was thinking “get on with it already”, but the heart of the story ‘spoke’ to me and made me want to ‘pay it forward’. Its a tough year for us financially, like so many others, and this heart warming style reminded me of all the good people out there. First of all the book is about a girl who is left at a Chicken restoraunt as a baby. The lady who finds her ends up raising her. As an adult she becomes a journalist and her mother ends up passing away from cancer. She has a hard time and is depressed and then someone breaks into her apartment. She then finds a Christmas Jar sitting inside her door and its full of money. This sends her off finding out if there are more people who have been the recipient of such generosity, and there are several more. She ends up finding the family that started it many years ago and becomes close to them. It is about the generosity of this one family that led others to do the same and it sort of became a pay it forward thing. I think all of us should have a CJ in our kitchen to dump our spare change into all year and then give it to someone around Christmas who really needs it. I know I would feel so good being able to help someone out like that. I’ve had my share of people being generous to me. One year a coworker bought my husband and I a ton of grocerys. She just needed to do something for someone in need and it was a tough time for us. Just this year I had a friend send me a gift card so I could order a book we’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of and which I knew I couldn’t afford to buy. It made me very happy to recieve it and I can’t wait until we are in a better place financially so I can help out someone myself. Last year around Christmas I made sure I always had a few dollar bills and cans of soda so when I was stopped at lights or at off ramps I could give the homeless a soda and a couple dollars. It sure made me feel better cause I felt like I was doing something for them. Anyway, this was a great book and it’ll warm your heart to read it!

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